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Last Chance to Paint Your Home’s Exterior (Hint: It’s SOON!) 

The pages on the calendar are turning quickly and the fall temps are beginning to foreshadow the upcoming season shift. This time of year is quite simply amazing with the comfortable weather and spectacular foliage show across the Northeast. Guess what Autumn is also perfect for? Painting the exterior of your home. 

Yes indeed, we are heading toward your last chance to schedule a free estimate and plan for your fall painting project. Wait too long and we may start to bump into temperatures and weather conditions that are not ideal for exterior painting projects. fall scene

Why the Fall is Prime Painting Season

Many homeowners likely suspect that the spring and summer are the perfect time to paint the exterior of your home. Yes! These are our busiest times of the year in the painting industry. But, believe it or not, the fall has a few features that make it a prime painting season as well. Autumn has the perfect combination of low humidity, mild temperatures, and generally decent weather to get a house painting project underway. 

Remember those heat waves this past summer when the heat index reached over 100 degrees? Paint does not cure well in that type of climate. It also does not adhere as well as during times when the temperature is milder. 

The massive fluctuations we often see from extreme highs during the daylight hours to the overnight lows does not lend itself to good drying times. The daytime and nighttime temperatures during the fall months of September and October are often closer than during other times of the year.yellow school bus

More Predictable School and Work Routines 

For many families, summer is a busy time of sports and vacations. Scheduling an exterior paint job may be difficult for homes that are on-the-go regularly. Fall tends to mean settling back into a routine where regular hours are kept. Due to this, many homeowners specifically choose the fall months for their exterior home projects. Our team can be on the job early to coincide with your routine and be done for the day by the time everyone is home from work. 

Now is the time to talk to our consultants about scheduling your fall home painting project. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for ideas and our portfolio pages for our recent projects.