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Large Room Paint Ideas

September 5, 2022

Large open rooms are perfect for entertaining family and friends, especially during the holidays or when celebrating milestones. Large rooms are airy and beautiful, giving the appearance of wide open spaces. They encourage mingling and allow for several gathering spaces in the same room. 

Generously-sized rooms may be spacious, but they are also a challenge for design and painting purposes. Try not to be intimidated by high ceilings, endless square footage of wall space, or floors that seemingly go on forever. Instead, see your large space as an opportunity to showcase architectural details and let your personality come out. 

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Things to Consider When Choosing Paint for Your Large Room 

Just like with small spaces, choosing a color palette for your large room can be overwhelming. With that in mind here are a few things to consider when you are in the throes of the arduous decision-making process, potentially with paint samples strewn in front of you and no idea where to turn. 

What Colors Match Your Personality? 

Think about your lifestyle and outward personality. Do you find yourself drawn to bold colors and focal points or do you thrive with softer colors or more earthy tones? 

Before you start narrowing your color choices down, determine what colors mesh with who you are. Are you a calming personality that embraces more of the blues and greens of nature, or are you someone that loves a burst of color here and there? 

What Architectural Elements Would You Like to Highlight? 

If your room has a tray ceiling, detailed molding, an eye-catching fireplace with a mantle, or perhaps an archway, you may want to use color to help those elements stand out even more than they already do. 

There are a few ways to achieve this. Choosing an accent color to accentuate a wall or architectural element can be a surefire way to draw the eye to it. Another method is to choose a color palette that is a shade lighter or darker than the main wall color. Or choose a color that compliments the primary wall color such as a hue in the same color family. 

Is the Room Divided By Function? 

In some homes, large family rooms are divided into sections determined by function. For instance, there may be a reading nook, a gathering area, a tv watching area, and the list could go on and on. 

In these circumstances, a neutral color palette could be used throughout the space with each area having complementary accent colors. 

Talk to our experienced and professional painting team about how to choose the color palette for your spacious rooms. Schedule an appointment for a consultation and get started designing your large space. 


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