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Is There Still Time to Paint Outdoors This Fall? 

Autumn is such an amazing time of year in New England. There is so much to do, from apple picking to going for long drives to witness the foliage change from yellows, to orange, to blazing red. With the cooler temperatures, it’s easier to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, as well. The question, however, remains, is this a good time to paint outdoors? 

There is quite a bit of debate about when the best season is to paint a home’s exterior. Spring can be rainy and the temperatures questionable in the early mornings. Summer can be very humid with scorching sun. Fall, on the other hand, has some major benefits including mild temperatures, moderate humidity, and a less busy reputation for families to get things done outdoors. 

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of painting your home’s exterior in the early fall. 


Fall Temperatures 

As professional painters, we know that the weather can really dictate the quality of the paint project. Too hot and things may not cure well. Too cold and paint may not adhere the way you want. 

Fall, therefore, seems to be the “Goldilocks” of seasons when it comes to temperatures, not too hot and not too cold. 

Ideally, every painter wants a string of days that are warm, dry, and have only mild temperature fluctuations. According to the experts at the Spruce, “Paint doesn’t dry well when temperatures vary drastically, like on a day that reaches 105 degrees Fahrenheit but drops down to 43 degrees in the evening. For that reason, early fall may also be a good time of year to paint, as daytime and nighttime temperatures are often closer than during other times of the year.”

Mild Humidity 

The old saying, “It’s not the heat, but the humidity” applies to painting exteriors as well.

Humidity can be a huge problem if the water vapor in the air or on dewy surfaces makes paint drying difficult. Moisture and humidity in the air can impact the application and longevity of paint and be a large factor in deciding when the best time is to start a paint project outdoors. 

Experienced painters know that the optimal humidity level is between 40-50%. The maximum humidity should be no higher than 75-80%. Check your local forecast before you start any paint project and look closely at the range of temperatures from daybreak and sunset. You may need to wait a bit for the morning dew to burn off during the autumn months, but you sure won’t be frying in 105 degree temps! 

humidity and temperature measurements

The “Too Busy” Factor

Many families find that the summer gets jammed packed with vacations, friends coming to visit, and days spent at the beach. The number of weekends in a summer runs out all-too-quickly.   

Fall then becomes a season where families get back into a routine with school and work. This season is seen by many as a time to get all those projects done that you have been putting off all summer. 

Are you considering painting the exterior of your home this fall? Get your home scheduled quickly to take advantage of this amazing time of year.