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Importance of Striping Your Epoxy Flooring 

March 2, 2022

If you own or manage a business in the industrial or commercial fields, you know how important it is to have surfaces that are slip-proof, resilient, durable, and will help keep your company organized and safe. Not only does epoxy flooring allow for all of that, but added striping to the epoxy can signal hazardous areas or areas where staff should slow down any vehicles or forklifts. 

In past blogs regarding the benefits of epoxy for your business, we examined how this flooring product can help the overall aesthetics and brightness of your business. 

Today, we are taking a closer look at some of the other benefits of epoxy flooring striping and how the colors and markings can help workers understand the purpose of each area and the potential hazards that may exist. 

Epoxy floor prep

What Is Epoxy Striping? 

If you have ever visited a hardware store, lumber yard, warehouse, or pharmaceutical plant, you may have noticed the floors are probably glistening with epoxy flooring. You may have also noticed that they are marked with stripes of varying colors and markings. This is what we call epoxy striping and it serves a specific purpose. 

Common striping that you may see as a consumer could include: pedestrian walkways or crosswalks, marked lanes for forklifts or other motorized vehicles, warehouse efficiency lines, hazard or stop warning signs, sanitary lines for food processing plants, and safety lines. 

epoxy floor in kitchens

How Epoxy Striping Can Help Your Industrial Workplace

Depending upon your field of business, your warehouse or facility may need a color coded marking system to explain direction of flow inside the facility or where certain items should be placed. All of these epoxy stripes and markings can help businesses maintain efficiency as well as safety. Here are a few ways epoxy in general and more specifically, stripings can help keep your business moving and organized. 

Durability Of Epoxy Floors 

For industries that handle heavy equipment and other moving pieces like forklifts, it is critical to have flooring that is durable under such conditions. Epoxy flooring is known for its longevity especially in warehouses and places where there is high traffic flow and the use of heavy machinery. 

Safety of Striping 

One of the most notable things about line striping on epoxy flooring is that it can warn employees, visitors, or consumers of potential issues like where forklifts may be driving, where pedestrians can walk safely, and where hazards exist. 

Organization of Space

Large warehouses, like Amazon, use organizational square striping to make the best use of their warehouse space. It keeps their products organized and in the correct areas until it can be shipped. Your warehouse or facility could be striped to make the best use of the space for your organization’s needs. 

Easy to Maintain 

Epoxy flooring is easy to clean which makes it a smart choice for industrial and commercial facilities that will need washdowns or high power washing at regular intervals. 

If your business has organizational and safety needs, consider epoxy flooring and striping to keep your business running smoothly. 


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