How To Fix Uneven Paint 

July 11, 2022

Uneven paint can be caused by a few factors during the painting process and can be unsightly when the project is completed. Sadly, this mistake is fairly common when do-it-yourselfers rush to paint or don’t follow some key steps in the painting procedure. Thankfully, there are some quick fixes that can have your room and the painted surface looking more aesthetically pleasing. 

Let’s review some of the factors that can cause uneven paint as well as the steps homeowners can take to remedy the problem. 

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What Is Uneven Paint? 

Uneven paint can come in a variety of forms. Bubbles on the surfaces, streaks along the lines where the roller was used, or light spots on the wall where the paint was not applied thick enough or after an appropriate amount of drying time. 

No matter the type of uneven paint, the look is less than professional or pleasing to the eye. 

Causes of Uneven Paint 

Just like there are different types of looks for un even paint on a wall or surface, there are different causes as well. 

One of the first things that a homeowner should look at is…did you shake or stir the paint enough? Paint tends to separate over time and paint that is not stirred will go on the walls unevenly with some paint adhering better than others. 

Another potential cause of uneven paint happens during the roller process. If a painter has not maintained a wet edge streaks and lines may be visible when the project is complete. Always keep your edge wet and go over areas more than one. 

Most surfaces need more than one coat of paint and failure to complete a second (and sometimes third coat) can make a surface look uneven. 

Temperature fluctuations during the drying process can also be an issue especially if the humidity is a factor or there are scorching temperatures. 

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Potential Solutions 

Uneven paint is a real pain after you think you have completed your painting tasks. There are ways to fix this unsightly look thankfully. 

Some ways to take care of your walls if you notice you have uneven paint include the following methods: 

  • Stir your paint and confirm that it is completely mixed well with no clumps or “skin” at the top. Be sure the paint is usable. 
  • Reapply another coat to fill in bare spots. 
  • If there are clumps or bubbles on the painted surface, sand it, wipe clean, and reapply a coat of paint. 
  • To avoid streaks or lap marks from a roller, maintain a wet edge by applying paint toward the unpainted area and then back into the just painted area.
  • Be sure to allow ample time between each coat for the paint to dry. If it starts going on tacky or the paint lifts, stop and allow more time. Most paints take 2-3 hours in between coats. 
  • Make sure your tools such as the roller and brush are clean after each use to avoid clumps, streaks, and brush marks. 

Want to avoid uneven paint altogether? Talk to our team and we can schedule a free quote and get started on your paint project. 

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