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Hang Your Wall Decor Without Damaging Surfaces 

October 10, 2023

Holes, uneven surfaces and damage to walls caused by hanging decor can be a huge issue for people looking to paint the interior of their homes. We often talk about the importance of repairing unsightly holes or flaws in the walls with putty, caulk or other painting products. 

Today, we are discussing ways to avoid these blemishes altogether and thus save yourself time when it comes to preparing an interior space for painting. I mean, no one really wants to spend the day filling in holes, waiting for the putty to dry, and sanding before even getting to the priming step, right? 

Adhesive Strips Instead of Nails 

We’ve all seen them at the hardware store. These lovely little adhesive hooks come in multiple sizes and styles meant to hold varying weights of wall decor. A name brand that you may recognize is Command Products

These adhesive hooks and velcro strips are made to attach and hold items but not damage the walls when removing them. The science behind this is amazing and cool to see it being used in homes across the country. 

The benefits of these types of products include the concept that they can be removed easily to allow for changes in decor that inevitably occur over the course of living in a home. 

Putty or Double-Sided Tape 

For lighter items, putty and/or double-sided tape can be used to attach decor items to walls without damaging the surfaces when removed. Posters, pictures, notes, and small decor pieces can be easily hung with putty that doesn’t leave a greasy residue or damage the color of the paint!

Hook & Loop Tape 

According to Home Décor Bliss, hook-and-loop picture hanging strips are perfect if you plan on swapping photos and reconfiguring them from time to time. They are strong and secure and are able to bond with a variety of surfaces.

Use Furniture, Mantels, and Bookshelves 

Get creative while also avoiding nails and other damaging products on your walls by using your furniture, mantel, or bookshelves. For instance, place decor items on a bookshelf rather than on a wall. Or perhaps lean your favorite artwork against the mantel above your fireplace. These options forego the need to attach the decor to your wall and allow you to move some pieces around throughout the year without worrying about your paint. 

There are plenty of products on the market currently that can help you show off your favorite family photos, artwork, and decor without having to nail into the wall or apply harmful adhesive that could damage your wallboard or paint! Get creative and find what works for your space. 


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