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Erasing Water Damage From Walls & Ceilings

June 7, 2023

At some time in your homeownership, an accident will happen. A pipe will burst, a tub will overflow, or a toilet will clog. What you will be left with will not only be a wet soggy mess that will need to be repaired but potentially walls and ceilings that will need some TLC after repairs have been completed. 

If you have experienced some sort of water calamity in your home, you know how annoying the clean-up and repairs can be. But once everything is fixed, you don’t want to be stuck with a constant reminder of the incident – water stains on your walls or ceiling. 

Today’s blog will take a look at what you should do to rectify the stains and how paint can be your very best friend in these situations. 

Repair First 

As with any water stain, always get to the root of the issue that caused the stain before even thinking about painting over it. We know it may be tempting to grab some primer and paint away, but resist that temptation. 

Unless you know that it was a one-time event such as an overflowing toilet, tub, or sink, call a qualified professional to diagnose the issue and resolve it before you paint. This will save you from having to repaint if the issue occurs again. 

Dry It Out

Before painting a stained surface, be sure to use a fan or other device to dry out the wall, ceiling, or potentially attic space that has gotten wet. Mold and mildew can begin to grow and could potentially harm your family if left untreated. 

If weather permits, open windows and doors to allow for a cross breeze to dry the space out. If needed, bring in fans and dehumidifiers to make the area as dry as possible. 

Clean It

The next step, once the surface and underlying surface is dry, is to clean the wall or ceiling. Use a moist cloth and soap to make sure that the area is clean. It’s never a good idea to paint over dirt, grime, or grease. If you really want to rid the surface of any contaminants consider adding a capful of bleach to your water bucket and wipe down the area with a diluted bleach solution.

Remove Peeling or Damaged Paint 

If the water damage has taken its toll on the paint that was once adhered to the surface, be sure to scrape the space completely and sand it down so that the new paint will adhere properly. Remove all bubbling, peeling, or faded paint.


Water stains often can be seen through paint and will eventually emerge if a high-quality primer isn’t used that is made to cover stains. Explore the Benjamin Moore Primers that will help cover this unsightly stain so that the water event can be completely behind you. 


Your final step to erasing the water damage to your walls or ceiling is to color-match your paint and restore the original color to the space. It’s up to you whether you want to repaint the entire area or concentrate on the stained space. Heck, this might be a good time to transform your space with a brand-new look! 

If your home has experienced a water issue and you need help repainting a space call Jerry Enos Painting for a free estimate. We can help restore the aesthetics of your home with some professional painting. 


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