Epoxy Solutions for Your Home or Business 

July 13, 2022

Do you have a home office, garage workspace, or a business where you need the floors to be easy to clean, durable, and safe? Epoxy flooring may be a solution that you have not considered but it is quickly becoming the go-to solution for ​​homes, businesses, and other commercial spaces. 

For decades you have experienced epoxy flooring in places like hospitals, labs, warehouses, and stadiums, but did you know that more and more homes are having them installed for basement home offices, garage workplaces, and small businesses that looking for a better flooring solution? 

What Is Epoxy Flooring? 

If you’re wondering exactly what epoxy flooring is start examining the stores, and businesses you frequent. Chances are it’s all around you and you never realized it. 

Epoxy flooring is the use of epoxy resins to cover a floor in a way that allows for easy maintenance, clean up, durability, flame and chemical retardant, and available in a variety of colors and designs.

Epoxy Floor Installations by Jerry Enos

Why Use Epoxy? 

Epoxy is such a great material that has so many benefits even if your space is not the size of a warehouse or hospital. 

While epoxy is most commonly used in commercial and industrial spaces, such as warehouses, health facilities (hospitals), air hangers, factories, and so much more, it can be used in basements, garages, and home office spaces. More and more, as Americans are setting up workspaces at home, this is becoming the option loved by homeowners. 

Some of the reasons it is such a powerful flooring cover include: 

  • Installation is quick and easy. A clearing of the space and our team at Jerry Enos can set up your resin and get your flooring started. 
  • Epoxy is durable and safe. Items dropped on the floor, whether they are chemicals or heavy items will not impact this flooring. 
  • Epoxy lasts for a very long time. 
  • Cleaning is a breeze with a broom or mop. 
  • Epoxy is non-slip and flame-retardant which is important in some industrial workplaces. 
  • Creative colors, lines, and designs can be used for your space. 
  • Low cost compared to carpet or wood flooring that will need to be replaced. 

At Jerry Enos, our residential clients come to us for custom epoxy floor installations in garages, basements, and kitchens. Our commercial clients come to us for epoxy flooring in hospitals, laboratories, veterinary clinics, showrooms, mechanic shops, schools, aircraft hangars, chemical plants, arenas, and other settings that require durability, fire- and chemical resistance, dent resistance, and easy maintenance. Choosing the right floor and the right installer can transform your facility, by providing a safer, brighter, longer-lasting workplace.

Check out our epoxy portfolio page and get started today. 


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