Create a Dining Room that Makes a Statement 

December 2, 2020

Is your dining room a bit ho-hum? Does it need a glow-up? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because paint is an amazing way to transform any space. Refreshing your look with a changeup in paint color is just one way you can help your dining room make a statement. 

Is Your Dining Room Looking Dated? 

Dining rooms tend to be one of the most overlooked rooms in a home unless you host parties often. These rooms tend to be reserved for holiday celebrating, special occasions, and more serious dinners compared to the more relaxed in-dining option that many kitchens have. 

Due to this, many dining rooms are not redecorated or painted as often as other rooms in the house and become dated after a style or color palette has gone out. This could include shimmery wallpaper, color palettes from past decades, or even furnishings/decor that make the space look dated. 

Here are a few changes that you could try in order to bring your dining room into this century and create a room you can show off next time you are entertaining. dining room in brown

Paint Refresh

Hands down, choosing a new paint color can transform the entire look of any room. We suggest that our clients choose a color that represents the mood or look they are hoping to portray. We also suggest that our clients examine colors in the rooms adjacent so that there is no conflict in the color patterns. 

According to a 2018 study published on, certain color choices can help boost your home value. If that is part of your consideration in this paint project, check out what they report as good colors for dining rooms. They report that, “Both kitchens and dining rooms benefited from blues as well. However, dining rooms painted a darker hue of blue, such as a slate blue, boosted home values by $1,900, whereas kitchens followed similar bathroom and bedroom hues. Contrary to the blue-hued theme, living rooms got a $1,900 bump in value when painted oatmeal.”spiral stairs

Add Architectural Details

Some dining rooms need a little something extra to make them stand out. Adding an architectural feature such as a crown moulding around the ceiling, wider trim around the windows, or a chair rail can add those little details that will make your room stand out. 

Changeup the Lighting 

Dull or dated lighting can make a room appear dark or dingy. Switch out your light fixtures for a quick lighting pick-me-up. There is a wide variety of sconces for your walls, hanging lights, or even recessed lighting that can make your room come out of the shadows. living room couch and curtains

Switch Out Window Coverings 

Take advantage of any natural light in your dining room by switching out the window treatments from heavy, light-blocking curtains to light filtering curtains that coordinate or contrast with your wall color. Just this little change can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the room. 

Whether you are planning on entertaining this season or just spend the holidays with close family, your dining room could use a quick refresh to give your mood a boost too! Check out our portfolio of rooms on our site and contact our team if you want to get started on your paint project. 


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