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Playful Pink

Color Spotlight – Playful Pink 

November 1, 2023

Pink is the color of opposites. It makes us think about the innocence of youth and the burning passion of adult relationships. The versatile nature of pink makes it so appealing to designers and homeowners alike. Let’s explore some of our favorite shades of pink and closely examine what this hue means. 

The Color Psychology of Pink 

Color psychology suggests that varying hues around us impact our mood, productivity, feelings and even our behaviors. Pink is often associated with love, kindness and a nurturing mentality. It is also closely associated with romance as it is a lighter shade of red. Pink also tends to have a calming effect on viewers thus making it an optimal choice for bedrooms, dining rooms and other main areas of interior spaces. 

In nature, pink is a cheery color found on blooming flowers and trees, like hydrangea bushes or cherry blossoms. It’s also found in a stunning sunset or on a fuschia-pigmented flower! 

In recent years, pink has become associated with the color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during which people wear a pink ribbon to honor survivors and those who have died of the disease.

Some of Our Favorite Pink Hues

Benjamin Moore Paint retailers have a wide array of pinks to choose from for your home or business. Here are a few of the more popular shades that you may find work well in your space. 

Coral Dust

Coral Dust 

This medium shade of pink is warm and inviting and is just muted enough to allow its use in practically any room of your house. Coral Dust 2173-50 has a comforting presence that will put your guests at ease. 

Touch of pink

Touch of Pink 

This lovely shade of pink is just enough of a hue of pink with a little dash of peach to make any room brighten up and welcome your guests. Touch of Pink 2008-70 is on the lighter side of the pink spectrum and maybe just the right amount of pink for many homes. 

Genuine Pink

Genuine Pink 

This medium pink has just a touch of gray to give it a sophisticated look and is appropriate for many spaces. Genuine Pink 2005-40 is on the deeper and darker end of the pink hues but gives an elegant aura in any room it’s used. 

Cranberry Cocktail

Cranberry Cocktail 

This rich berry color may remind you of a mulled wine and is a darker and more robust form of pink. Cranberry Cocktail 2083-20 is a perfect shade for a den, family room or dining room. The hint of violet in the red is exciting and elegant all at the same time. 

For more of the Benjamin Moore Pink Family, explore the Benjamin Moore site and get started using this welcoming color in your personal or business spaces. 

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