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Color Spotlight – Beautiful Blues 

June 1, 2023

Blue is one of the most versatile paint hues used for both interior spaces and the exteriors of homes and businesses. A blue family color palette can contain warm or cool undertones and can vary from a soft, pale blue to a deep, vibrant blue depending upon your preference. 

This month, let’s take a closer look at the mood that various blues can create in a space as well as a peek at some of Benjamin Moore’s most popular blues. 

The Personality of Blue 

The color blue is not just a primary color but one of the most popular colors on the color wheel. It appeals to a wide variety of people and can make a space feel serene and peaceful, or classic and regal. 

According to Color Psychology online, shades of blue are most often linked to feelings of peace and tranquility, most likely due to their existence in things of nature such as water and the sky. Lighter blues tend to come across as cool while deeper or darker versions tend to warm a space and give it a classic appearance. 

Blue’s true uniqueness comes in the way it can showcase undertones such as gray, purple, and green, thus changing how it appears on a wall. Choosing a blue for your space may take some consideration into what mood you would like to portray, the amount of sun exposure in the room, and the decor you plan to use in the space. 

Let’s explore some of Benjamin Moore’s more popular blues as you transform the rooms in your home. 

Symphony Blue

Symphony Blue 

This breathtaking and popular dark blue is a classic navy blue with a nautical flair. Benjamin Moore designers state that Symphony Blue 2060-10 is a “classic shade of navy with a majestic presence.”

This hue would do well as an accent color in a dining room or living space where it can be offset by lighter decor or trim that makes this color pop. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore would make this blue stand out in any room. 

Blue Danube

Blue Danube 

This shade of blue is still in the dark end of the blue color family, but it has undertones of teal that make this a unique choice that will stand out in your bedroom, den, or playroom. 

Benjamin Moore designers call Blue Danube 2062-30 “an attractive, teal-toned blue that can be classically elegant or boldly stylish.”

Van Courtland Blue

Van Courtland Blue 

If you’re looking for a shade of blue that has a touch of indigo in it, Van Courtland blue HC-145 is your color. This blue color choice has a more traditional blue/gray look that could be perfect in traditional spaces or in a more contemporary home. 

Benjamin Moore describes Van Courtland blue as “an elegant Old World blue that also works well in more contemporary spaces.”

Yarmouth Blue

Yarmouth Blue

Looking for a lighter shade of blue with some green undertones? Yarmouth Blue HC-150 may be a perfect choice for your space. 

Benjamin Moore color specialists describe this blue as “a classic airy blue that can instantly freshen up the room.”

Want to explore more of the blue family? Check out Benjamin Moore’s entire blue collection online and play around with different trims using their virtual features to see what it may look like in your home. 


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