Color Schemes for Children’s Rooms 

Do you have a toddler who is growing out of their nursery-style bedroom, or worse yet, a hard-to-please teen who wants a new look for their lair? Well, stick around, because we have a few colors schemes and paint ideas that could help you make these paint transitions a bit smoother. 

Let’s start by saying that paint has amazing transformative powers. The entire look and feel of a space can be changed merely by switching out the paint color. A nursery, with its muted shades of blue, pink, or green can be transformed into a growing and active toddler room by kicking the color up a notch and adding a few changes to the decor. 

Teens looking to make their personal mark on a room can choose their favorite color to personalize their room and make the space their own. Add in a new comforter and some colorful pillows, and you have an entire new space. 

bright colorful crayons

What Colors Should I Choose? 

Choosing the color scheme tends to be the most difficult part of any paint project so we have a few tips to inspire your bedroom makeovers. 

Toddlers or School Age Children 

This is such a fun age where children tend to have intense interest in certain areas like cars, animals, dinosaurs, sports, activities, and books. 

One of the best ways to choose a color for this age is to coordinate it with a theme for the bedroom. For instance, if your child loves reading, perhaps model the room around a favorite author such as Eric Carle. Or, if your child can’t get enough zoo or forest animals, make the theme incorporate natural colors such as greens or blues. 

Before you choose, we suggest involving your child in the process. Show them paint samples and talk about how the room will look once it is complete. 

We also want to caution parents to think about the future. Don’t choose a color that will need to be repainted in less than a year. Fleeting hobbies and interests may seem like a good idea at the time, but will annoy you if you find that your child tires of the theme quickly. 

paint swatches

Tweens & Teens 

We know, all-too-well, that this age can be a bit prickly. 

Allowing your rapidly aging child to be a major part in, not only the choice of paint color, but also the decorating (and possibly painting) process can help them feel the sense of independence they so desperately want at this age. 

This age tends to like some bold colors that match their emerging personalities. We suggest that if the colors you are looking at are too bright, that maybe choose a wall that is the focal point and use the color there, leaving the remaining walls to be painted a slightly more muted tone. 


To help you choose the perfect color for your growing child we have included some resources to get you started.