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Clever Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value 

January 6, 2021

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus last year, many families have been putting off travel and vacation trips, choosing rather to stay at home and get some much-needed home projects completed. Which projects will improve your home’s curb appeal and overall home’s value? We asked experts which actions will get you the most bang for your buck, whether you are selling now or sometime in the future. 

Start Outside 

We know. We know. It’s winter in New England and it’s pretty impossible to get anything done outside, but keep in mind these things for when the weather does improve. 

  • Power wash your home to get rid of any dirt and debris that could make your house look dingy. This includes your patio and outdoor entertaining areas that can become stained with moss, mold, or falling leaves. 
  • Trim the bushes and trees away from windows to create a clean look. 
  • Clean and paint your main entrance. What people see from the curb will tell them quite a bit about how you care for your home. 
  • Upgrade your landscaping to create a manicured look and a great first impression of your home. 

kitchen cabinet

Kitchen Projects

It’s true that your kitchen is the room that can sell your home and add tremendous value when it comes time to sell. If you don’t have the budget to complete a full renovation, try doing a few smaller projects that can have the same transformative capabilities at a much lower price point. 

  • Have the cabinets painted by a professional painting team. Older, worn cabinets do not create a good impression on buyers about the overall value of your home. 
  • Trade outdated hardware for a new, sleeker look. 
  • Invest in new appliances if possible. 
  • Change out light fixtures and switch plates that are dated. 
  • Consider choosing the floor or the countertops to update. 


Bathroom Projects

Bathrooms are also high on the list of projects that get a great return on your investment and can be valuable when selling. Unfortunately, a complete bathroom renovation can cost thousands. To avoid that cost, choose some smaller projects like: 

  • Switching out faucet and towel rack fixtures. 
  • Replace older appearing lights or upgrade the lighting. 
  • Paint the room with a cool new color for a fresh look. 
  • Invest in a new shower curtain, window coverings, towels, and bath mats that can add an air of luxury to the room. 

living room couch and curtains

Living Room Projects 

The room that you spend the most amount of time in deserves a quick update as well. If you can’t change out all the furniture, choose the pieces that are most in need of replacing and find some newer pieces that can make your home look new! Paint the space with an updated color and clear out unnecessary clutter. 

Does your home have a project or two that could add some value to your home’s worth? This may be a time when we are all stuck at home, but that just means more time to focus on projects that we have been putting off. 

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