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Choosing a Color For Your Ceiling 

May 27, 2020

If you are undertaking an interior paint project in your home or business, you may want to consider the color of the ceiling when contemplating your overall color palette. While we all spend countless hours choosing wall colors, the ceiling tends to be the most underutilized area when it comes to paint colors. 

Most of us opt for the traditional white to paint our ceilings. However, recent trends show that ceiling color is becoming a popular trend. Check out some of the ideas our professionals and color specialists have come upon as an alternative to humdrum white for your ceilings. bedroom ceiling

Create a Unified Look 

Many rooms that are larger need a unified look. Painting the ceiling the same color as the walls can create that unity. A unified look can also be attained by painting the ceiling a slightly darker or lighter shade of the main color of the room. This is especially nice if the ceiling has a tray detail that can be painted. 

Open Up a Small Space 

Small rooms sometimes feel smaller because the walls are low, or the square footage is on the smaller size. Painting a ceiling the same color as the room, in cases where the room itself is small can actually open up a small space. The continuity of color can make the walls appear higher and the space take on a more open appearance. 

Show Contrast and Details 

Many New England home interiors have detailed wall or ceiling trim. Some even have ceiling trays or details on the top half of the room that could pop if painted an accent color. The trim and detail work can be made to “pop” by adding a contrasting color or a coordinating color for the room that is being painted. It also makes the eye travel up, thus making the room feel larger than it really is. red chair in cozy room

Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Some homeowners paint a ceiling to make a room cozier. By adding a darker color to a ceiling, the room will feel a little cozier and can make for a nice atmosphere for a small den or t.v. room. 

Are you considering painting a room in your home? Think about whether painting your ceiling a color that is bold or one that coordinates with your room to create contrast, or another desired effect. Check out our inspiration and portfolio pages for ideas for your paint projects. 


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