Can Paint Change The Perceived Size of a Room

Can Paint Change the Perceived Size of a Room? 

November 8, 2023

Does dark paint make a room feel smaller and light paint make a room appear larger and more voluminous? The answer is complicated. 

While no amount of paint is going to change the physical measurements of a room, designers and paint professionals have known for years that the shade of paint can make a big difference in how a space is perceived

Let’s examine what a paint shade can do to small and large rooms alike. 

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Large or Small Room Paint Impacts

Seems like the grass is always greener on the other side in terms of room size. Many homeowners with small rooms hope to make the space look more airy and spacious while those with larger rooms look to make the area more cozy and warm. 

Changing the physical characteristics of a room can be a huge investment and a long process, but changing the perception of a room is possible by using some design tricks that may give the appearance of a larger area or smaller space depending upon your needs. 

Small Space Dwellers 

To make a room feel more expansive, designers suggest painting the area in a monochromatic manner. In other words, to make the space feel more open, choose one color such as something light or neutral and paint the walls, trim and ceiling the same color. For maximum results, a hue in the white family would be best. 

Additionally using mirrors to reflect light or a sheen that is more reflective such as satin can make a space feel larger than it actually is. 

Large Space Dwellers 

A similar technique of monochromatic painting can work to make a room feel cozier. Choose a deeper or darker color and paint everything (including the ceiling) that one color.

Designers also suggest using an accent wall to make larger spaces feel more focused and welcoming. The color for this does not really matter but can be in the color scheme of the room itself. 

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Design Caveats

While designers will argue that the way that a room is painted can impact the perceived size of the space, they all pretty much agree that the results will vary on many factors. For instance, designers warn that the amount and direction of windows can have a huge impact on the perceived sense of size of a room. The height of the ceiling can also make a rather large difference in the overall feel of a space. 

For painting advice regarding expanding small rooms and contracting large rooms, schedule an appointment with a color specialist at Jerry Enos Painting. 


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