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Benefits of a Fall Power wash 

September 16, 2020

Most homeowners considering a power wash to be an early spring or summer activity that can clean up your home’s exterior or deck before the backyard entertaining season begins. While springtime is an ideal time to complete this task, the fall months are equally beneficial as an important part of the regular maintenance of your deck and exterior facade. Cleaning is always beneficial to a home but here’s why power washing is extremely helpful for the health and aesthetics of your home. 

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Dirt and Debris Removal 

Every summer here in the Northeast we experience at least a few heat waves with temperatures that reach well into the 90s. Whew, we know just how hot it can get! 

It’s during these times that dirt and grime can almost bake onto the wood structure of a home making removal difficult without the proper equipment – such as a pressure washer. 

With the sweltering heat also comes a coastal storm or two that can cause leaves, branches, and debris to make its way into the crevices of our home’s exterior and stick in between the boards of a deck. Add to this the tendency of debris to pile up in the gutters, and you have another reason why power washing every fall is a good idea for the health of your home. white home

Mold and Mildew Removal 

With the high heat often comes the humidity. That added moisture in the atmosphere can encourage mold and mildew to grow. Power washing is a great way to strip the mold and mildew off your structure whether it is a wooden deck, siding, or even a stone patio. Removal of this fungal growth can not only make your home’s exterior look clean and fresh, but also allow for the surface’s integrity to be maintained. 

Winterize Your Exterior 

It may be way too early in the season to be thinking about the winter months, but power washing the entertaining areas, walls of your home’s exterior, driveway, and patio walkways can be a great way to start the winterization process. A quick clean before the cold and snow show up means less prep for you to do in the spring. 

Does your home need a deep cleaning to rid it of dirt, grime, debris, mold, or mildew? Talk to our professional crew today about how we can have your outdoor areas shining like new again and bringing back the wood’s previous appeal. A professional power wash may do just the trick. Check out our Facebook page for ideas and our portfolio pages for our recent projects. 


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