Basement Paint Colors To Make the Space Come Alive 

October 26, 2021

In our family, we call the basement the “cave” or the “dungeon,” even long after we refurbished the area into a genuine living space. What also didn’t change after we revamped our basement was that it was still dark due to a lack of full windows. We found a way to fix that. Paint! 

If you have a basement similar to this you may be looking for a way to make it come alive and look lighter and more vibrant than a typical basement tends to be. One of the best ways we have found to do this is through the transformative power of paint. 

Crisp Whites 

If your basement is sun-starved and you are desperate to bring in the light in another way, choosing a Benjamin Moore shade of white could be a great solution. 

We caution you to steer clear of any whites that have creamy, beige, or yellow undertones as that may make your white look dingy and dirty. 

Rather choose something crisp and purely white like Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace or Simply White, that looks similar to a fresh coat of snowfall.   

paint swatches

A Lively Pop of Color 

Another option to make your basement come alive even if it lacks natural light is a pop of color like Benjamin Moore’s Morning Sunshine. This warm, medium yellow captures the cheerful exuberance of a summer day.

If you love blues, try Gossamer Blue from Benjamin Moore. This mid-tone, soft blue evokes the mellow, relaxed feeling of faded blue jeans and lazy summer days.

For those looking to really punch it up a notch and have dreams of having a party basement, try Benjamin Moore’s Lyon’s Red. This color is part of the Designer Classics Collection and is a favorite of those who like a fun punch of color in their living spaces.

Soft Grays 

For families that are looking to lighten or heighten their basement space but want to avoid something too wild like those punches of colors we mentioned above or the traditional whites, we suggest trying a light gray that can add a soft look to a basement without darkening it. 

Benjamin Moore’s Gentle Gray is an obvious choice. This versatile shade of soft gray resembles a gentle early-morning fog. With its soft blue undertone, it adapts to virtually every space.

Benjamin Moore’s Feather Gray is also a great option as this feather-soft gray mirrors the quiet stillness of early dawn.

If your basement is in need of a fall pick me up, talk to our team about scheduling a free estimate and getting started transforming your winter hangout today. 

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