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Avoiding Paint Drips, Bubbles, and Streaks

December 26, 2019

One of the biggest mistakes novice painters make is not planning for painting errors. Drips, bubbles, and streaks are bound to make a mess of your paint project if you don’t take some necessary precautions. 

There really is nothing worse than completing your interior paint project after days of cleaning, moving furniture, scraping, priming, and choosing a perfect color, than taking a step back to look at your work… and finding mistakes. A drip that has dried. A splotch of paint that hit the ceiling while you were rolling the walls. Streaks from a roller that was too full. A paint bubble in a corner that is waiting to pop. What a mess! 

Avoiding these errors means planning in advance. Here are some ways to make sure your paint project comes out looking professional and fresh. 

No More Drips 

One way to avoid drips in the first place is to be sure not to overload your brush or roller with too much paint. Wipe off excess on the brush and tap the roller before you start application. Another way to stop drips from being a problem is to keep a damp cloth on hand while you paint. As you work your way around the room keep looking back to see if any drips have started. If they have use a damp cloth to wipe them away before they begin to dry. 

Block Bubbles From Forming 

Paint bubbles happen for a few reasons. Some of the possibilities of bubble-causing mistakes include: paint that went on too thick, a dirty surface, or the paint is being applied in direct sunlight thus causing the paint to dry too quickly resulting in bubbles. 

To avoid bubbling, make sure you have wiped off excess paint from the brush or roller. Thoroughly clean the walls and other surfaces before you paint. In addition, try to paint the walls out of direct sunlight, which may mean waiting an hour or two before some spaces can be painted. 

Depending on the size of the bubble you may be able to get away with a minor fix by popping it and flattening it to the surface. For larger bubbles that have dried and look obvious, a full repainting may need to happen. 

Stop the Streaks and Lines 

Streaks and lines are common when do-it-yourselfers try their hand at rolling a surface. Some of the most common causes of streaks and lines are due, again, in part to excess paint on the roller or brush. Always wipe off extra paint to avoid lines. 

Another cause of lines or streaks could be due to the type of sheen you are using. The higher gloss a sheen, the more likely you are to see the paint lines or streaks. Choosing lower gloss like eggshell or matt can usually help stop this problem. We also suggest using a “w” or “m” pattern when painting so that the wall is covered evenly. 

If you are having trouble getting a professional look to your paint project call Jerry Enos Painting for a free estimate. Check us out on our website or Facebook page where we give lots of helpful tips. 


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