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5 Warm Fall Colors We Love 

October 5, 2022

Seasons come and seasons go but the colors associated with autumn in New England happen to be a special blend of hues that many homeowners choose to display year-round on their walls and the exterior of their homes.

From vibrant reds to glowing yellows, fall in our region takes on a whole new color palette. It’s almost as if the trees are putting on one last performance before closing down for the winter. It’s natural that we’d want to enjoy these colors in and on our homes throughout the year. 

Fall can spark such nostalgia as apple picking, pumpkin carving, and jumping in a pile of leaves over and over again. Wouldn’t it be great to bring that sense of nostalgia into your home and on the walls? 

Here are a few of our favorite fall-inspired colors that you may want to consider for your next paint project. 

Metallic GoldMetallic Gold

As a certified Benjamin Moore dealer, we love the options provided by this high-quality paint product. One color that we especially enjoy that gives us fall vibes is the MetallicGold 2163-40. This unique hue gives off rusty, earthy undertones. It is a combination of a soft brown and a tinge of pink to create a warm glow in any home. 

Benjamin Moore describes this color as  “A malleable mid-tone that exhibits hints of sand, copper, and rose.”



Just as the name suggests this color is meant to elicit thoughts of the outdoors and nature. Sequoia 1245  is a reddish brown color that is part of Benjamin Moore’s Classic Collection that has stood the test of time. 

Benjamin Moore describes this color as having  “violet undertones that bring a rich depth to this organic red.”

Bear Creek

Bear Creek 

This woodsy hue offers a rich, deep grayish-brown that contrasts beautifully against off-whites and creams much like their wildly popular Manchester Tan. Bear Creek 1470 brings outside energy inside as you enjoy the warmth of this color. Benjamin Moore designers call this color a “Smoky brown with undertones that soften this deep, woodsy neutral.”

Golden Straw

Golden Straw 

If you’re searching for an autumnal yellow to bring into your home, look no further than Golden Straw 2152-50. This glowing and easygoing yellow has subtle notes of cream and peach that will warm up the walls and make for a welcoming space for all who visit. 

Autumn OrangeAutumn Orange 

For those looking for a bolder color with some pop, Autumn Orange by Benjamin Moore will make your walls or accent wall glow with the wonder of fall all year long. Autumn Orange 2156-10 is reminiscent of the golden orange of a cozy fire or the hue of a pumpkin pie straight from the oven. 

Use autumn as your inspiration for your next paint project and have the beautiful glow of this amazing season on your walls and surfaces all year round. 


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