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5 Tips From Realtors About Painting Your Home 

January 13, 2021

Planning on selling your home in the spring or summer? It may seem a ways off but it will come faster than you think. That means now is the time to take action so you can get the highest bids for your home as possible. Here are 5 tips from realtors about painting your home and preparing for putting your home on the market this year. 

#1 Make a Positive First Impression 

Many home buyers decide within seconds of arriving to view a home whether they like the property or not. From a painting perspective, this means your home should look well cared for. A fresh coat of paint can take care of any worn, faded, or bubbling areas. Realtors can not express how important the first impression is for home buyers. Make sure that the exterior looks fresh and new, including the front walkway and door. flat brush

#2 Touch Up All the Trim

The trim on the interior of your home includes the baseboards that go along the floor, the surrounding wood on the windows and doors, as well as the trim along the ceiling in some homes. This trim or moulding can become the most worn and scuffed up areas of a home. Painting all the trim can make a room (or rooms) look new and fresh again. A fresh white coat in semi-gloss can make a huge difference in the appearance of a room. 

#3 Be Environmentally Friendly 

Many homeowners are now very careful about the types of paints they use in their home. Specifically, they are using low or non VOC paint indoors. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. These compounds contribute to ozone and smog formation and are linked to respiratory illnesses. When you start a paint project consider the low odor and low voc paints. bedroom with tray ceiling

#4 Choose Colors that Appeal to All 

While most home buyers usually expect to do some painting when they buy a home, they really want to avoid having to paint every room. If you paint rooms in your home leading up to the sale of the property, be sure to pick colors that appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers. This means avoid gender specific colors or colors that are exceedingly bold or brash. 

#5 Do It Professionally

If you want it to look professionally done, (and realtors want it professionally done) you need to choose the professionals to do the work. Painting may seem like a homeowner’s weekend project, but professional painters know how to get the job done in a timely manner while protecting your floors and other furniture. They know how to deal with challenging spaces as well as stairwells and high ceilinged rooms. 

Do you plan on selling your home in the spring or summer? Now may be the best time to get going on those painting projects for the interior of your home. Talk to our team here at Jerry Enos Painting or leave us a comment on our Facebook page to get a free quote for your next painting project. 


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