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5 Steps to Prep Your Outdoor Entertaining Areas

May 1, 2023

We are just weeks away from the unofficial kick-off to summer celebrations, so time is running out to get your outdoor entertaining area into tip-top shape for the season. From cleaning up winter debris to firing up the grill, now is the time to make all your preparations before family and friends join you on your patio. 

The temperatures have been teasing us that the warmest weather is yet to come so get your cleaning, repairs, and painting done now to make the most of the spring and summer seasons outdoors. Here are five steps that you will need to take before you open up your outdoor kitchen, patio, or deck. 


#1 Inspect 

It’s always advisable to inspect your deck or patio to see how it did throughout the winter. There may be signs of wear-and-tear or there may be actual damage that needs to be addressed before it can be used. 

Look for warped boards, cracks in the wood, splinters, or supports that may have begun to rot with the melting of the snow. A thorough inspection should be able to catch these issues before they become a hazard. 

Make a list of items you want to update or repair so that each one can get done before your entertaining season begins. 

#2 Clean 

Once you have visibly inspected your deck, patio, or outdoor space, now comes everyone’s least favorite part – cleaning. 

Get out your rake, some sponges or old clothes, and some mild detergent cleanser in a warm water bucket. Be sure to rake up all the remaining leaves from the fall. Leaves can be a slip-and-fall risk and can damage the color and texture of your wood and patio pavers if left for too long. 

Sweep off dirt and debris and you may even need to wipe down items like patio furniture with soap and water. Don’t forget to clean out the grill and make sure your propane tank is filled for summer fun. 

Cleaning your outdoor area may involve power or pressure washing the wood or pavers to remove all the dirt, grime, and debris that settled on it throughout the winter. Power washing is a great way to remove salt that was used during snow storms as well. 


#3 Repair 

Now that you have visually inspected and cleaned up your outdoor entertainment area, you probably have a much better idea of what needs repair. Maybe the railing needs to be tightened on the stairs or a board or two need replacing. Knowing that your space is safe is the best way to have fun over the summer entertaining season. 

#4 Rejuvenate 

After cleaning and power washing, does your patio or deck still look a little worse for wear? It may be time to sand it down to its original wood and restain or paint the entire surface. Our team at Jerry Enos Painting can complete this project for you. Talk to our team about a free estimate and get started before you miss out on the good weather. 

#5 Decorate 

Now that you have taken all the steps to prep your deck or patio, the fun begins. Start arranging your furnishings and adding accent pieces. Place your table, drink cart, or loungers where guests can visit in style and comfort. Don’t forget to add shade in the form of an umbrella or two and get ready to greet your guests. 


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