5 Winter Paint Projects

5 Paint Projects As Winter Settles In 

November 10, 2023

As the Game of Thrones writers said, “Winter Is Coming!” 

Snow, ice, storms and cold temps can’t be avoided in New England. Thankfully, during the winter months, ingenious Bay Staters know that if you want to tackle an interior home improvement project, now is a great time to hunker down and get it done. And what’s the most transformative home improvement – painting of course! 

Here are a few of our suggestions for transforming your interior spaces during the winter months this year. 

Kitchen Upgrade 

The typical American kitchen sees a lot of action in most households so there isn’t usually a good time to shut it all down for a paint refresh. Or is there? 

In the weeks after the holiday season, there is a good chunk of time when entertaining slows considerably. This is the perfect opportunity to make a major transformation by painting the walls and ceiling or going all out and refreshing the entire space by painting your worn or dated cabinets. 

Jerry Enos Painting specializes in kitchen cabinet painting that can transform any kitchen from old and boring to new and exciting. Check out our portfolio page to see some of our recent projects. 

Doors & Trim 

If painting large swaths of your interior spaces isn’t in the cards this winter, you may want to tackle a smaller but just as impactful project – painting the trim and doors throughout your house. 

One of the great things about painting the doors and trim throughout your home is that you can take it step by step, or room by room making it a doable project regardless of your time constraints. 

Do a door each weekend or choose the baseboards one weekend and the window trims another. This project will have you amazed at the change and transformation that a few boards and a couple of gallons of paint can make. 

Add An Accent Wall 

Painting takes time and patience, but if you want maximum impact with a small amount of time, choose to add an accent wall to one of your main rooms such as the dining room, living room or great room. 

An accent wall allows a focal point and can brighten a space that needs a quick facelift. 

Stairwell Refresh 

Stairwells can be tricky to paint as the height and access to areas can be a problem. Winter is a great time to tackle this project and make your dark, dingy halls come to life yet again.

This is one project that we suggest absolutely using a professional with access to scaffolding for safety purposes. This is not a job homeowners should tackle with a ladder and roller. 


Ceilings are often the overlooked fifth wall of any room. They can accumulate water stains, dust and dirt depending on the use of the room. Many kitchen ceilings, for example, need regular repainting as grease and food splatters can become an eyesore. 

Ceilings that are painted give new life to any room and can make an interior space look fresh and clean. 

If you are considering any of these winter projects talk to our team about a free estimate and get your home scheduled for a winter paint project. 


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