4 Reasons To Epoxy Your Basement Floor

March 8, 2023

We’ve all experienced epoxy floors in automotive centers, home improvement stores, and retail outlets. Most of us have not given this style of flooring a second thought except to maybe notice the shine, cleanliness, and colors/patterns that can be used with it. 

Epoxy flooring can be used in many places including hospitals, manufacturing plants, commercial warehouses, and (yes,) schools, stores, and shopping malls. But did you also know that many homeowners are choosing to have epoxy flooring installed in their basements? 

Here are four reasons why. 

Protection from Moisture

Let’s face it, the North Shore of Massachusetts has a very high water table causing many homes to have water seepage and leaking during storms. Homes with older foundations also have similar issues. These two factors can cause many basements to have moisture and water accumulation. 

Epoxy flooring is virtually waterproof and thus can protect the cement or flooring beneath it from dampness and eventual mold growth. Additionally, epoxy flooring is also a good option for protecting against spills and leaks. The flooring can help to prevent large amounts of water from seeping through to the concrete foundations of your home, keeping the potential damage to a minimum.

Easy to Clean 

For families that utilize the basement as a workspace or playspace, ease of cleaning is a big factor when choosing what to put on the floors.

Epoxy flooring is one of the easiest types of surfaces to clean. The surface is smooth and easy to sweep up dust and debris. The non-porous surface is also great for spills. The non-stain surface makes cleaning up a breeze with a mop, vacuum, or broom. The same can not be said for carpets or linoleum. 

Long-Lasting & Durable

Most people who decide to add any type of flooring in their basement often need to replace it after a few years due to high traffic use or water damage caused by leaking pipes or water seepage. Epoxy floors are long-lasting and show practically no wear and tear even after years of use. Usually, a quick mop-up will bring the shine right back. 

Beautify The Space 

We don’t often think of basements as beautiful spaces but the light and shine of an epoxy floor can bring much-needed brightness and beauty to a space that is quite frequently dark and an afterthought in terms of decorating. 

Epoxy can be done in many colors but most people find that any shade makes the space brighter due to the clean shine that it produces in a space. 

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