3 Weekend Paint Projects for a Quick Facelift 

September 9, 2020

If you’re tired of seeing the same “ho-hum” walls and furnishing in your home, it may be time for a quick refresh with a weekend paint project. This time of quarantine has seen a massive spike in homeowners choosing to invest in their homes by tackling small, but important home projects. Even if your time is short and your budget small, here are three simple projects that can be completed in a weekend that will give your home a quick facelift. bathroom sink

A Bathroom Color Switch 

Chances are that your bathroom is the smallest room in your house with the least amount of furniture that would need to be moved in order to paint. Many homeowners choose bathroom refreshes because not only do they go quickly, but require little furniture rearrangement. 

Take down and store all window coverings, the shower curtain, and bathroom essentials and your room is practically ready to be painted. Since bathrooms tend to hold lots of humidity, we suggest that you wash the walls down with a mixture of bleach and water in order to kill any mold or mildew that could be growing. From there, cover the vanity and toilet with a sheet or painting cover and get started! You will find that using high quality bathroom paint can cut down on the number of water stains and drip marks you may see in the future. 

Choose a color that you can coordinate with your towels, bathroom rug, and shower curtain. The combination of new color palette and new toiletries can really make an impact. 

Make the Doors Pop 

Have a few hours on a Saturday? Have a pint of your favorite color paint? Then you have the time and product to paint your entryway door. This fast and easy paint project can literally be completed in one day and transform the entire look of your front door. 

While many homeowners take advantage of leftover paint from another project to complete this one, you may want to pick a color that coordinates with your home’s exterior color and paint any doors that access the interior of your home the same color. This would include your side door, bulkhead, and basement access points. Add some fresh flowers to add to the refresh and you have a whole new look in one weekend! blue accent wall with yellow flowers

Add an Accent Wall 

Similar to the front door painting project, adding an accent wall to your kitchen, family room, or bedroom can change the whole look of a room. 

We suggest choosing a color that will both pop but also coordinate with the surrounding rooms and/or furnishings. You don’t want something that looks out of place or unusual. Rather choose a color that will bring out an accent color that you already see in other areas of the room such as on pillows, blankets, or, if in the kitchen, perhaps the backsplash. 

Imagine any of these projects starting on a Friday and completed on a Sunday. Your new workweek will seem like a breeze in your new bathroom, kitchen, or entryway! Talk to our specialists at Jerry Enos Painting and check out our Facebook page for ideas and our portfolio pages. 

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