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Why Choose Jerry Enos for Your Painting Projects

Since 1987, Jerry Enos Painting has offered its expertise in commercial and residential painting services in Reading, MA. From interior and exterior painting to power washing, epoxy flooring, deck refinishing, and kitchen cabinet painting, the team at Jerry Enos will care for your Reading, MA home or business like it is their own. At every job site we make it our mission to provide quality craftsmanship using the highest quality paints and products. We take steps at each project to protect each home while also paying attention to details that set us apart from the competition.

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Professional Exterior Painting Services

Painting the exterior of a house or business is an investment that can help boost curb appeal, protect the surfaces from harsh elements and increase the value of the structure. Protection from nature’s elements such as salt, wind, rain, snow and sleet is important for homes, especially those located in the northeast where we experience all that Mother Nature can throw at us from fall through winter and into the spring and summer. The transformative powers of high-quality exterior painting services in Reading, MA and paint products can take your home’s exterior from ho-hum to extraordinary.

Modern Interior Painting Services

Our Interior Painting Services can transform your Ipswich home’s interior spaces making them look new, fresh and bright. From prep to clean-up, our crew at Jerry Enos Painting can take your space from dull and dingy to spotless and new with our experienced and professional painting crew. A fresh coat of paint has the power to make small and dark rooms look more airy and bright, larger spaces feel more warm and cozy or add a new exciting color to switch up the aesthetics of any space. There is no limit to the transformative power of paint.

Your Local Commercial Painting Contractor

Commercial painting can positively transform a business, whether it is a warehouse, office space or retail storefront. A fresh coat of paint can help your business stand out from the competition, make customers feel welcomed, display your brand’s color palette and keep your employees energized and focused. Using only the highest quality paints and paint products, Jerry Enos Painting can make your commercial space look fresh and new.

Refresh The Look of your Kitchen with Cabinet Painting

Give your kitchen cabinets new life and color with Jerry Enos kitchen cabinet painting services in Reading, MA. Brighten, modernize and transform your dated or tired looking kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of high quality paint. Strip away years of wear and tear, finger smudges and cooking grease stains with a new color that can bring your kitchen into the new millennia. Traditional white is a local New England favorite, but we have more and more clients who are choosing bold and bright colors to make their kitchen a focal point of every gathering.

Professional Epoxy Flooring Contractor in Reading, MA

Jerry Enos Painting provides specialized installation of highly durable and maintainable epoxy flooring for commercial, industrial and residential spaces across New England. Choose from our extensive epoxy flooring line that allows you to determine the flooring system that your home or business needs including choices in budget, color and style. Whether the installation is in a hospital, warehouse, garage or basement, our team will ensure that your epoxy flooring is durable, fire- and chemical-resistant, and dent-resistant, and allows for easy maintenance.

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