Wallpaper Removal Headaches – Why You Need to Hire Professionals

Google the terms “Wallpaper Removal” and you will not only find pages and pages of suggestions of how to rid yourself of the gluey mess, but you will also find “Do-It-Yourself” nightmare stories of homeowners trying to remove the paper themselves. Removing wallpaper can be an extremely time consuming and messy proposition. The task can not only be physically difficult but you may end up with dinged or damaged walls if you don’t do it just right. It is for these reasons why we have put together our list of 3 reasons why you should hire Jerry Enos Painting to take care of your wallpaper removal project.


  • Time Savings – Who really wants to spend their weekends scraping wallpaper off the walls? If you have a larger home or especially difficult paper to remove or, worst case scenario, several layers of wallpaper to remove, do you really want to lose several weekends of your precious free time to get that paper down? Professionals like those on our Enos team will work carefully to get ever last bit down in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Quality Work – Proper removal is the best way to ensure that you will not need to patch dents, scrapes or gouges made by scrapers. If you plan to paint the room after the removal, making sure it is done right so that the walls remain flat and unharmed should be a top priority. Hiring our professionals means that we take the utmost care to remove the paper and keep your walls looking beautiful.


  • Money Savings – Homeowners can go through several methods and products to remove wallpaper with little to no success. Do-It-Yourself kits from local hardware stores can get pricey. Even after trying different products and methods you may still have a huge job ahead of you.


  • Less Frustration – Imagine standing on a ladder with wallpaper glue and smelly removal product running down your arm. Your muscles ache from scraping and you have miles of square footage to go yet. Save yourself the the frustration by hiring experts that can manage the setup, take down and cleanup of the entire project.