Extending the Life of Your Interior Paint 

How often do you paint the interior of your home? Like most of us, you probably want your paint projects to last a good long while before you have to get to work again. Therefore, finding ways to extend the life of your paint is topmost on your goals as you paint. 

There are several factors that go into extending the life of your interior paint, not least of which is regular care of the walls. Let’s take a look at steps you can take during the painting process and in the months and years after to make that paint appear fresh and new. 

Choose High Quality Paint 

While you are deciding on the color palette of the room or rooms you will be painting, take the time to investigate the quality of the paint product you will be applying to the surfaces. Make sure you are only using high quality paint that will last longer than the alternative. We recommend Benjamin Moore paints as we love how it adheres and looks professional every time. 

Choose the Right Finish 

If you are painting an area that sees high traffic where lots of fingerprints, scuff marks, or smudges could show up, consider the type of finish or sheen you will be using. The higher the gloss like semi-gloss or high-gloss, the easier it will be to clean and scrub stains without losing the paint color from the surface. Rooms that are used less can use lower gloss sheens such as matte, eggshell, or flat. 

Clean the Surfaces Regularly 

Since you are hoping to make your interior paint last, choosing the right finish and quality of paint is important, but so is cleaning the surface regularly. Wash down the walls, and trim regularly. This should be easier the higher gloss the sheen as we mentioned above. You should also dust and wipe down with soap and warm water at least twice a year. You would be amazed at how many spiderwebs can accumulate and dust can adhere to a wall. 

Keep Leftover Paint for Touch Ups 

Not only will washing go a long way toward keep your paint looking fresh, so too will touching up any chips or stray marks that may occur from basic wear-and-tear. Be sure to label and safely store paints where you can easily access them for a quick weekend touch up. 

Use a Professional Paint Company 

If you want your interior walls to remain looking polished and new, start them out right by choosing a professional painting company with a stellar reputation. We have been painting homes and businesses for years across the north shore of Massachusetts. Check out our portfolio page online to see some of our recent jobs.