epoxy floors

Epoxy for Your Main Living Areas

While everyone has most likely heard of epoxy floors and have probably seen them at use in stores, hospitals, garages, and basements, not everyone has heard of the most recent trend surrounding this flooring. Most recently, designers have started to install these durable, versatile, and easy-to-clean surfaces in the main living areas of a home! Kitchens, family rooms, bathrooms, and even bedrooms have been treated with epoxy for a unique design. 

A Little Background…

Epoxy has been around for decades and has really become the flooring of choice in commercial and industrial venues. This is mainly due to the durability and stain resistance when it comes to harsh chemicals being spilled or overuse in these locations. The affordability, longevity, and variety in styles made epoxy floor choices a no brainer for businesses like shops, garages, and other commercial/industrial workplaces. 

These same reasons are what make epoxy a perfect choice for your main living areas as well! Here’s why…

epoxy floors

Easy To Clean 

Let’s take your kitchen for instance. If you have a tile or wood floor you are probably constantly cleaning up spills and messes from meals. You may even find marks, scrapes, and damage on the flooring. Epoxy is one of the easiest surfaces to clean along with the fact that it is practically indestructible. Drop any kind of kitchen dish on it and you will be out one dish, but your floor will remain unharmed. 

Transform a Floor into a Work of Art 

Many homeowners are also choosing epoxy in their main living areas because it is unique, one-of-a-kind, and can create a floor style that is not repeated anywhere. Epoxy comes in many colors and all sorts of techniques can be used to create a work of art on your floor that will outlast all of your other flooring choices. 

epoxy floors

Brighten Up a Room 

Then there are homeowners who are hoping to brighten a darker space. Epoxy is reflective which naturally magnifies the light in a room, whether natural or artificial. Epoxy has been known to brighten up rooms by 300%. If you live in a home that is lacking natural light, this may be the answer. 


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