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Is your Home Looking Tired or Dated?

A trend is something that is hip or popular at a certain point in time. Trends impact our society from fashion, to decorating, and even crazy hairstyles. Trends come and go, and can leave a lasting impression on your closets and on the decor of your home. Remember the shiny, flowery wallpaper of the 1980s? Or wood wall paneling of the ‘70s? Do you have walls and decor still in your home that are no longer trendy? Do some components of your home make it look tired or dated?

Everyone, at some point in their lives, should relish in the current styles and fun new colors of the present. Some styles will go “out” as quickly as they came in to fashion and some do come back around to being “in.” Here are some signs that your home may need an update, a fresh coat of paint, or a new look altogether.

Chips, Bubbling, or Cracking –

These are signs that your paint is failing due to age, moisture, or incorrect application. Take care of these blemishes with some touch ups or maybe do a complete paint project this winter with a new and fun color!

Water Stains –

If you have stains on your walls or ceiling from ice dams or leaks, you are not alone. After these issues are repaired, a fresh coat of paint can give your home a lift!

Dated Colors –

Are the colors on your walls hunter green, mauve, or olive? These colors may indicate a time period that is long since passed. Choose something that shows off your furnishings, mood, or personality.

Dated Wallpaper –

What does the wallpaper in your home say about you? If it looks like you are stuck in another decade, it may be time to consider a refresh of your walls.

Fixtures that Need Updating –

Do you have brass or gold fixtures? This may be another sign that you need some updating.

Unusual Flooring –

Believe it or not, there was a time when carpeting was considered trendy in bathrooms! Do you have an unusual flooring choice in your home? This may be a sign that you need to update.

If you are seeing signs that your home needs a refresh, touch-ups or an update, contact Jerry Enos Painting at  978-546-6843, or visit our website to speak to our color consultants.

Wallpaper Trends

Just like design ideas in the fashion industry tend to come back around again, designs in the decorating industry tend to be cyclical as well. With that being true, here is the big news – wall paper is back!

If the idea of wallpaper as a decorating trend gives you flashbacks to the floral patterns or barnyard animal prints of 40 years ago, have no fear. Today’s wall paper patterns are a far cry from those 1980 designs. In fact, wall paper can now set the mood for opulence, a classic style or even make a bold graphic statement.  Here are a few ways that wallpaper can make a statement in your home.

  • Create visual interest in a heigh ceilinged foyer or on an oversized wall.
  • Wallpaper can make for an excellent room divider. For example, use a graphic style on the top or bottom half of a room with a chair rail. Complete the look with a coordinating paint color on the other half.
  • Make one wall in a room pop by creating an accent wall with wallpaper.
  • Create height with wallpaper in a room with low ceilings by using vertical stripes to elongate the walls.
  • Add some whimsy to a child’s room or powder room that needs a spruce up.
  • Make a design statement by choosing a bold graphic. There are hundreds of styles to choose from that will match your personality and the mood you are trying to create.
  • Create texture in a room with wallpaper. Textures tend to make a room feel cozy and inviting.
  • Use a wallpaper design as wall art.

Wallpaper no longer needs to be relegated to formal dining rooms and living rooms. The new patterns and graphics are modern and visually interesting. Talk to the professionals at Jerry Enos Painting if you have interest in wallpapering an accent wall or even a whole room.