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Get Your Deck Ready for Spring

Feels like we all need to get out of the house now that the good weather has finally arrived. While the Coronavirus may be keeping us from meeting with friends and entertaining the way we would like, now is a good time to get the entertaining areas in tip-top shape so when things settle down, we can get back to doing what we love. 

Prepping your deck and patio areas can take a few different actions depending upon their health and age. Newer decks/patios may only need a good scrubbing to rid the surfaces of mold, mildew, and salt from the winter. Older decks/patios may need more work to get the wood or bricks back to their original condition. 

Here are a few things you may want to do to refurbish your deck. Don’t have the time or inclination? Our team can do it for you. We do the work, you get to reap the rewards. deck

Power Washing 

One of the first steps in bringing a wood deck or paved patio back to its original splendor is to clean it thoroughly. Unlike conventional cleaning methods that leave behind detergents or rely on harsh chemicals to get rid of stains and grime, pressure washing actually rejuvenates wood, concrete, vinyl, brick, and other surfaces by removing entire layers of built-up dirt and particulates, oil, gum, and other gunk. Stripping away the grunge to reveal the unsullied surface below actually protects that surface from future rot and UV damage.

Repair Damage 

In the process of cleaning and power washing your deck or patio area, we may find that there are some spots that need extra attention. It is not unusual to find that the winter has caused wood to splinter, rot, or warp. 

The next step in the refurbishing process is to repair those parts that warrant attention. This would include sanding down splintered wood, replacing rotten boards, tightening screws, and checking that nails are completely pounded in. deck


The next step in bringing your outdoor space back to its original appearance is to restore the decking. First, we use a floor machine designed specifically for hard wood to strip the deck of dead fibers to reveal the fresh, unsullied wood underneath.Then we seal it with a high quality, hard wearing clear or tinted penetrative coating that highlights the qualities of the wood itself and protects it from moisture and the elements.You’ll be amazed at how fresh and new your wood deck will look after refinishing and how easy it is to care for from here on.

Call Jerry Enos Painting if it’s time to refurbish your deck or outdoor entertaining area. That way, when the time comes that we can begin entertaining again, you will be ready. Thank you for your business and consideration of our small business during this stressful and anxious time. 


A Paint Pick-Me-Up for your Three-Season Porch

Many New England homes come with a bonus room attached to a small deck or outdoor space. These spaces, quaintly called a three-season porch or sunroom are meant to only be used during the spring, summer, and fall months due to the lack of heating in the area. 

Three-season porches, therefore, are notoriously a forgotten space all winter only to be opened up in the spring or summer when family members are eager to spend more time outside. How can you give your three-season porch a pick me up that is cost effective and will give you the most bang for your buck? Let’s look at a few options. 


The largest square footage of your three-season porch is most likely the walls, ceiling, and floor. Choose a new paint color that will brighten the walls and ceiling space. Go with colors from nature like neutrals, greens, or blues that can be a transition space between your main living area and the deck outside your home. Since these porch areas tend to have many windows to let in light, you can get a little daring with the color and go with something that will get your attention. Furnishings

Three-season porches or sunrooms are great for sitting and reading with a cup of coffee or tea in the morning or a cocktail at night. Find some beachy style furnishings such as solid wicker that can give you a place to sit, put your feet up, and relax during the warmer months. A side table is a great idea for playing games, reading books or magazines, or storing your hobby materials. Don’t forget extra pillows in a coordinating or complementary color to make the seating area even more comfy. 


Now that you have chosen the color palette and furnishings, it is time to have fun with accent pieces. Depending on what theme you have chosen, you should get some lighting for around the sitting area and some colorful throw rugs to add a pop of color. Add some family photos or beach pictures to the walls as well! Or, maybe, display your travel souvenirs and favorite books in your cozy three-season porch. 

If you need help painting and designing your three-season porch, call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.