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Cabinet Repainting: A Home Value Booster 

Does this pandemic have you sitting around the house making mental lists of all the projects you would like to get started on? For many people, one of the most transformative ways to change up the look of a home’s interior is a paint project. In fact, one of the best projects to change up the look of a home and increase its value, is to refresh the look of a kitchen. Let’s take a look at how cabinet repainting could be the home project you are seeking! 

Renovating a typical kitchen can cost thousands of dollars and take months to complete. Not many homeowners have a budget or the time to take the room down to the studs and start fresh with new cabinets and appliances. Painting, however, can produce much of the same effect at a much lower price point. 

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What the Numbers Tell Us

According to national data reported by Remodeling Magazine, a minor kitchen remodel, like refreshing cabinets with paint, has one of the highest return on investments when looking at the cost of the project in relation to the overall value it adds to a home. Even seemingly innocuous elements like a cabinet door knob or pulls can add positive aesthetic features to a worn or dated kitchen. 

Real estate specialists also report that kitchen renovations are the most likely to increase a home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2019 Remodeling Impact Report, general kitchen upgrades come in as the number two most valued upgrade for a home going on the market. Most realtors will tell you that kitchens sell houses and a dated or tired looking kitchen can be a big turn off for buyers who want something turn-key. A fresh coat of paint and a new look for a kitchen can help give any kitchen a much needed facelift. 

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Kitchen Value Booster Tips 

If you can’t find the time or money in your budget for a complete renovation of your older looking kitchen, consider making a few cost effective changes that may help the overall look of your home. 

  • Choose a neutral color for the cabinets that will be universally acceptable to any home buyer. Safe colors tend to be whites, neutrals, greys, and blues. 
  • Change up all the hardware on each cabinet. Even this small task can make the kitchen look fresh and new. 
  • Paint the walls and ceiling and color that will appeal to a large group of home buyers. Classic yellows, greens, blues, and greys are good choices for a kitchen. 
  • Install a simple backsplash around the stove. 
  • Switch out the lighting hardware. 
  • Replace all switch plates, or at least clean them thoroughly. 
  • Replace dated sink hardware. 
  • Update the appliances such as the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave. 
  • Clean the stove hood or replace when possible. 

Need help painting your kitchen cabinets? It happens to be one of our specialities and can make your kitchen look brand new to home buyers. Talk to our team today for a free quote. 


kitchen cabinets

Spring is the Time to Refresh Your Kitchen 

Every year, when spring rolls around, many of us get the itch to clean and redecorate. If the “itch”’ to refresh a room in your home has hit you hard, we suggest choosing a room that will most benefit from a breath of fresh air – your kitchen. 

The kitchen is usually the heart of the home, where family members gather, meals are shared, and special moments are celebrated. It’s also the room with potentially the highest traffic which means finger smudges on the walls, grease splatters around the stove, and lots and lots of spills. 

After a few years of cooking, birthday parties, and late night snacks, a kitchen can look a little worn and in need of a pick-me-up. Switching out the paint color is one of the most affordable and fastest ways to transform a space. white kitchen cabinets

Brighten Up the Cabinets

We suggest your spring painting and decorating project start with your kitchen cabinets. You would be amazed by the transformation a kitchen can go through just by changing the color of the cabinets. 

Painting cabinets is a trend that is attractive to homeowners who want to see a change in the dark or dull look of their kitchens, but don’t have thousands to spend on new cabinets and installation. 

While the color choice is yours, many homeowners are loving the crisp whites, grays, and neutrals that can brighten up even the darkest of kitchens. Pair the light color palette with a blue, green or gray wall color choice and you have a brand new kitchen. 

Walls and Surfaces Need a Refresh Too

If you decide to paint the cabinets, now is a good time to freshen up all of the surfaces in the kitchen as well. This includes the walls, ceiling, window and door trim, and even the chair rail that goes around your room. Choose a new color palette that coordinates with the overall look of your house but also one that can brighten and open up the most used room of your home. accent colors in kitchen

Add Accent Colors Too

Once you have chosen a color palette for your cabinets and walls, you will want to add one last color to the mix, known as your accent color. For example, if you choose white for your cabinets, gray for your walls, then you may want a splash of color such as a turquoise or red that can make the room pop and look newly decorated. 

Use your accent color on the tablecloth, window treatments, canisters, and decor that you have around the room. Choose a color that makes you happy and that will not go out of style in a few months. 

If you have the itch to redecorate, choose paint as a way to rejuvenate your kitchen. Questions about this process? Give us a call at Jerry Enos Painting or check out our portfolio page for inspiration. 


Does Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?

If you saw the title of this blog and immediately gave a sigh and said, “Yes!” then you will want to continue reading. Many homeowners do not have a huge budget to remodel a kitchen and, therefore, start getting creative to make it appear that their kitchen is newer. If you are not in the position to spend thousands of dollars on a large kitchen remodel but want to give the heart of your home a facelift, here are a few refresh ideas.

Paint the Cabinets

Make your old, dated cabinets look like new again with a coat of paint in the color of your choosing. This trend is catching on as replacing existing cabinets in a kitchen is one of the most expensive upgrades. Jerry Enos Painting has years of experience prepping, priming, and painting existing cabinets to make the entire kitchen look like it was just redone! Add some new hardware to the handles and voila, your kitchen has an instant facelift for a fraction of the cost.

New Appliances

While not quite as cost effective as painting your existing cabinetry, replacing older appliances with energy efficient ones (in a uniform color) can not only give your kitchen a new look but can save you money on energy in the long run.

Add a Backsplash

One great way to add color and detail to your kitchen is by adding tile backsplash. This is usually a fairly inexpensive project that many homeowners are able to do on their own. Add backsplash to the area behind the stove or sink to make cleanups easy and just add a little something special to your kitchen.

Let There Be Light

Another simple way to make your kitchen space look refreshed is to switch out the lighting. Change out the pendant light you have over the table or sink. Add inexpensive strip lighting under your cabinets for a soft night time glow. Lighting can make a room look more open and add character to a room.

Are you looking to give your kitchen a facelift? Jerry Enos Painting can help get you started with paint projects on the cabinets, walls, or ceiling. Let us know what mood you are aiming for and we can even have one of our color consultants discuss a color palette with you. Call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.


Kitchen Cabinets and Color

When you think about kitchen cabinets, do you mostly think about the color of the wood, such as deep mahogany, lighter oak, or medium pine? While these wood-stained cabinets are beautiful, there is a trend catching on in which you may also want to consider – painting your kitchen cabinets! Whether you like light, medium, or dark, distinguishing your kitchen cabinets with your favorite hue opens up a whole realm of possibilities. Let’s take a closer look at kitchen cabinets and color.


Benefits of Painting vs. Remodelling

The price of removing and replacing existing cabinetry can be cost prohibitive for many people who just want to give their kitchen a little facelift. Painting kitchen cabinets that may be dated, dark, or dingy could be a fantastic way to accomplish a “redo” without breaking the bank. In addition, there are minimal disruptions when it comes to painting instead of tearing out the cabinets and starting from scratch.

Beyond White

For homeowners considering painting their cabinetry over remodelling the entire space, try to think beyond white. There are so many colors to choose from that can complement your overall design, such as slate grey, green, blue, or even a sunny yellow. While white matches with everything and has a clean, crisp appearance, consider also that it will need to be cleaned periodically due to smudges, dirty fingers, and food messes.

Monochromatic or a Pop of Color

Depending upon your personality and the colors that you hope to use to decorate, you have a choice. You may want to choose one color to paint the cabinets, or go for a pop of color on the top or bottom. If you are looking for clean lines and a look that is more contemporary, monochromatic may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you want something cozier, maybe choose two colors that coordinate and compliment each other for your cabinets.

Thinking about painting your cabinets? Call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843, or visit our website.


Top 3 Benefits of Painting Kitchen Cabinets

If your family is like most American families, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where you gather for meals, to do homework, meet with friends, and, of course, sneak a midnight snack! Knowing that the kitchen is the center of your home, is the overall style what you want when entertaining? If the answer is no, but you don’t have the funds to do a complete renovation, you may be considering painting the kitchen cabinets. Here are three of the top benefits of making this choice.


  • A Face-Lift – Kitchen cabinets are most likely one of the first things people notice when they enter a kitchen, as they take up a majority of the wall space. So if they are drab, dated, worn, or darker than you prefer, you may want to consider brightening up your kitchen with a professional painting of not only the wall surfaces but also the kitchen cabinets. If your cabinets are in fairly good condition, there really is no need to replace, but rather have the experts bring back the shine and new look to your kitchen through paint.
  • Economical – Having a team of professionals remove, clean, sand, and paint your cabinet doors and the surrounding woodwork can be much more cost effective than a complete replacement of the cabinets. The average cost of revitalizing cabinets by painting is a fraction of the cost of both the labor and materials needed to replace the existing cabinets.
  • Time and Convenience  – Not only is the cost a factor when deciding whether to replace or rejuvenate your cabinets, but time and convenience should be considered as well. For most contractors, gutting and replacing cabinets will take approximately 3-6 weeks and will mean losing your kitchen during that time. In a fraction of the time, usually less than a week, your kitchen can look like new with a paint color that you have chosen.


If you are looking to revive your old or outdated kitchen through painting, call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843 or visit our website to find out more.


New Trends Painting Kitchen Cabinets


Remodeling a kitchen may be way out of many homeowner’s price range. So what do they do if they need a kitchen facelift but can’t afford a complete remodel? If your old kitchen cabinets look outdated or just need a serious face lift, painting them may be the solution you are searching for – on a budget!  


Kitchen cabinet repainting is the hot new way to rejuvenate your kitchen, and all it takes is the right kind of paint, plus the help of expert painting professionals. Jerry Enos Painting has specialized in interior and exterior painting decades. We have the skills and knowledge of how to paint your kitchen cabinets so your kitchen will look like a brand new space.


Painting kitchen cabinets gives a homeowners a chance at a fresh start with a whole new color palette or an opportunity to choose a color that can coordinate existing colors of appliances, floors and counter tops. Jerry Enos Painting will take off all of your existing cabinets and hardware. Then we clean, strip and sand the cabinets. From there we prime, add a specialty coat and a final color coat for a durable finish. Add new hardware to change things up or a style that fits the tone you are looking for in what will seem like your brand new kitchen!  


Call us today to schedule a visit so we can take a look at your existing cabinets and you can begin thinking and dreaming about your new kitchen. Meet with our professional color consultant to discuss what tone or mood you want in your kitchen. Call Jerry Enos Painting today!