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Painting and Decorating a Nursery

The years from cradle to crayons happens so fast. Our little bundles of joy seem to grow right before our eyes. The moments that you will remember the most may be the late night crying jags in the rocking chair, or, alternatively, watching your little one sleep peacefully in his/her crib. No matter what, your infant’s room will be an integral part of the first few years. Therefore, decorating it should use imagination, creativity, and a dash of fun. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on paint color and décor for your precious little one’s room:


Color Palette – Whether you go old school blue or pink, or decide on a non-traditional color palette, we suggest choosing three colors to work with. One color should be the main color, then a coordinating color, and finally an accent color that will pop. Choose a color that you can live with for a couple of years before you will change it out when your infant becomes a toddler with differing opinions.

  • Green is a neutral color and has the ability to bring the outside in with its nature-like feel.
  • Blue tends to evoke feelings of calmness, tranquility, and spirituality. Blue shades are good choices for a restful bedroom.
  • Red is a primary the color that is a great accent color that can add some pop and brightness to any room.
  • Yellow tends to be a cheerful and dynamic color that can warm any room.
  • White reflects light, so it can make a room appear bright, cool, and spacious. But it’s also the hardest room color to keep clean with little ones around.
  • Purple can add energy to a room in various shades and is a favorite as children grow.

Sheen – While adults tend to like the look of flat and eggshell sheen, we suggest that you choose a satin or semi-gloss paint sheen in your child’s room, as these are the easiest to clean.

Themes – Choosing a theme based on a favorite character, book, quote, or even a word can be a fun way to tie all the components of a room together. For example, a young boy who loves Winnie the Pooh may mean that you choose a soft color palette for the walls and then accent the room with Winnie the Pooh pillows, books, stuffed animals, and a comforter with the main characters on it.

Wall Decor – Choose artwork that is simple and easy to catch your little one’s attention, such as letters, easy-to-identify items, or items that are a part of the theme that you have chosen.

If you need help painting or choosing a decorating theme for your nursery, call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843 for a consultation.

Creating the Ultimate Man Cave

Do you have this dream of transforming a basement room or garage area into the ultimate “Man Cave?” It could be a place you could entertain, relax or just get away from it all. Picture the comfortable seating, state-of-the-art technology and the decor that creates a wonderful space for you and your buddies. Here are a few ideas for design, paint and decoration for your special space.


  • Focal Point – What is the main purpose of your Man Cave? Do you enjoy watching movies, playing pool, thrive off of video games or something else? Decide on your focal point and that will determine furnishings, paint, and decorations. For example, if you love watching sports you may want a room where there are multiple televisions and the widows can be darkened to keep the light out. Comfortable seating is a must for your friends on games days and a place to put your snacks and beverages should be thought out too!
  • Paint – The color of paint you choose will determine the mood of your room. If you are looking for a cozy, darkened, masculine look you may want to go with a darker neutral like brown or green. These colors can keep rooms dark for movie and television watching and can set the stage for a cool hang out.
  • Decor – Once you have chosen the color and purpose of the room you can start choosing furnishings that will provide seating and entertaining areas. You may also want to choose accents such as a dart board, bar area or game table in case poker is your thing.
  • Technology – Most Man Caves have some sort of advanced technology that will need to be designed and installed by a professional from televisions, to surround sound to video gaming consoles. Once you put it all together you will have an ultimate Man Cave to impress you friends and family.

Creating a Retreat In The Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is your domain. It should be a retreat from all the stresses of your day including children, work and chores. In order to make it your getaway, take a little time to create a mood with furnishings, accents and, of course, a color palette on the walls and architecture that will bring out the beauty of your master bedroom. Here are a few design and color ideas to get you started on creating a retreat in your master bedroom.

  • Color Choices – The first thing you should think about when planning a bedroom sanctuary is the color scheme that will set the tone for the entire room. Soft neutrals, serene pastels or tranquil greens or blues can make for a spa-like feeling when you enter the master. Try avoiding dramatic colors that raises heart rates and tends to put homeowners on edge. Rather visit our portfolio of rooms on the Jerry Enos Painting website or schedule an appointment with our professional color consultant.
  • Create Nooks – A master bedroom retreat should have an area for sitting and lounging with a good book, in a casual and comfy chair or window seat. Create distinct areas that encourage relaxation.
  • Let There Be Light – Let nature in as a form of creating a tranquil environment. Choose sheer curtains and allow the sun to warm your room. Place easy-to-care-for plants around the room to add a level of texture and color.
  • Accents – Clear your bedroom of items that remind you of work or creates clutter. The less paperwork, toys, and work items that enter, the better the design. See the master as your true escape where laptops, emails and all indications of chores-yet-to-be-done are out of sight. Instead, decorate your master with things that show off your vacations, family members, or pictures you love. Bring all of your favorite things into your bedroom that make you happy.


Call Jerry Enos Painting for more master bedroom ideas and talk to our experts about what color may turn your bedroom into a getaway!


Color Palette For The Home Office

With the advancement of technology and the resurgence of small at-home businesses, more and more people have the capability to work remotely from the comfort of their own home. This can be a major luxury especially if a long commute was once part of your work day. Having a home office means that there needs to be a place that is professional looking and conducive to high productivity.

Working from home may sound heavenly and conjure up images of sitting in pajamas all day while pecking away at a keyboard. This is not exactly reality. People who work from home often are part of video conferencing with other team members or clients. Therefore, the mood and tone of the at home office must be one of professionalism. That is where a polished home office color palette comes into play.

Jerry Enos Painting and our color consultant can work with you to choose a hue that will send a clear message of respectability to clients and team members alike. Since most entrepreneurs who work from home spend more time in the home office than any other room in the house, it is important to choose wisely. Many experts advise considering a few items before choosing the color palette in your home office.

  • Branding – Do you want the color scheme to match your brand? If your brand color is too flashy or bold maybe make that an accent color instead of saturating the entire room in the color. While painting your office the colors of your brand is not always required, it is something you should weigh before making a final choice. This is especially true if clients will be visiting.
  • Productivity– Different colors bring out different moods and levels of productivity. Color experts recommend the color blue for optimum productivity, neutrals or soft blues to create a soothing effect and red to get the heart rate going. What mood and work environment do you want to have in your home office?
  • Background – If your business does lots of skyping or video conferencing consider the color that will be your background each time your face comes up on a client’s screen. You may want to avoid bright colors or greens that can wash out your coloring.


If you need help choosing a color that will coordinate with your business needs for your home office call Jerry Enos Painting today.

Family Room Design Ideas

Is the design and mood of your family room one that invites you to put your feet up, settle in for a night of relaxing and hanging out with your family and friends?  The family room is the heart of the home. It is where everyone gathers to spend time together whether it is in front of a warm fireplace, in front of your favorite television show or to celebrate family milestones. If you are looking to take your family room from a more traditional feel to one that encourages family fun and activities then here are some tips for you.


  • Choose the Right Color Palette – If you are going for a hue that encourages family members to relax and feel comfortable, consider warm neutral shades that can not only coordinate with adjoining rooms but also allows for a wide variety of furnishings and artwork. Warm shades tend to be inviting and cozy while hues with cool undertones have a chic, modern vibe. Choose the color that sets the right mood and the tone you want to set for your family room.


  • Furnishings and Seating – If you are hoping to transform your family room into one that is inviting and where visitors will stay a while, choose furniture and seating that is comfortable and encourages people to relax. Arrange seating so that you are around a focal point like a large sofa or fireplace. Place ottomans near seating so that you are sending the message to kick up your feet and stay a while. Mix up shapes and sizes of seating but bring the design together with accent colors and fabric choices.


  • Display Your Personality – Once you have freshened up the walls with a color palette that you love, display your favorite artwork, keepsakes or family photos on the walls to make it feel homey. If you have a unique hobby or collection, showing it off in a family room will not only be a great discussion piece but will bring your hobby into the main living area.


  • Add Accent Colors – The color choice on your walls is not the only choice you will need to make in the room.  What color would you like to “pop” around the room?  Red for more a more eye catching statement, blues or soothing tones, or yellow for a splash of cheer? The choices are endless. Before you begin talk to our color consultant here at Jerry Enos Painting. We can help you make the choice that best sets the mood you are looking for in your family room.

Painting Ideas for your Workplace

When a visitor walks into a home, they immediately get a feel for the owner’s personality, style and what they value. Likewise, when a client walks into a business they glean that same information by the decor, color palette and accent features. Workspaces can tell clients quite a bit about the brand and company by looking at things like whether the furnishings are contemporary or traditional, whether the color scheme conveys a positive image of the business and, overall, whether the environment is warm and cozy or more like the fluorescent lit commercial spaces of the past several decades. In this modern day and age, industry leading companies are embracing the fact that color, furnishings and amenities can greatly improve your commercial space environment both for clients and employees.


A well branded space is an effective way to consistently communicate valuable information about a company to existing and potential customers. When you brand your space, it helps to educate visitors about your products and services in an engaging environment, without being obtrusive. Here are some suggestions to have your walls and workplace environment start telling the story about your company and your brand:


  • Choose Brand Colors – When painting your office choose colors that not only represent your service and product but also reflect your specific brand. If the hues of your brand are not conducive with painting an entire office, then choose an accent wall or accent items.
  • Create a Timeline Wall or Wall of Values – Use your branded color palette as a background for a wall that displays the history of your company with images, awards, or a timeline of the company’s history. This personal touch will allow clients to see your values. Some companies use words such as integrity, innovation and/or teamwork as decoration to showcase the brand image.
  • Create a Space that Reflects your Brand Values – If you want to portray your workplace as warm and inviting then arrange an entry area, waiting room and employee workspace that represents that. Choose comfy chairs, an open work area instead of cubicles, or possibly a community area that encourages teamwork or communication.
  • Create a Mural or Design – Striking images or designs in a commercial environment not only creates a stimulating environment, but it helps improve morale, company identity and branding. It has the power to enhance a person’s experience with your brand.


The Power of an Accent or Feature Wall

Are you hoping to make an architectural feature pop in your home or add interest to a mainly monochromatic room? You don’t have to be an interior designer to know that an accent wall can make a room zing without overpowering it. Accent walls or feature walls can draw attention to an area using a different color, design or texture on a wall.

Choosing an Accent Wall Many homeowners use feature walls to accentuate:

  • a distinct architectural feature
  •  a fireplace wall
  •  built-in bookshelves
  •  wainscoting
  •  interesting nooks
  • paintings or window features

Allow the unique attributes of the room to be your guide on choosing an accent wall. Think about where you want the eyes to be drawn to upon entering that room. Many homeowners use the accent wall to emphasize a decorative element such as a painting, headboard or unusual feature to a room; while businesses use accent walls to highlight a business logo, waiting area or office entrance. Once you have decided upon the wall, follow the “60-30-10” Accent Rule. The 60-30-10 Rule is a timeless decorating rule that can help you put a color scheme together easily. This concept is referring to the proportion of color in a room.

Here’s how the 60-30-10 accent wall color rule works:

  •  60 percent of the room including its painted surfaces represents your dominant color choice
  • 30 percent is applied to a secondary color
  • 10 percent is for the accent color – possibly your accent or feature wall.

Adding a splash of color can be a great way to make any room come to life. Talk to our painting professionals about how an accent wall could be used in your home.

2016 Design Trends: Encaustic Tile


If you’re a fan of patterned tile that draws the eye, this is your lucky year! One of the emerging design trends for 2016 is colorful, cool encaustic tile. This type of varied, kaleidoscopic ceramic tile used for flooring or backsplashes is made from a multicolored clay design inlaid on a background color. While the majority of these tiles are two tone, the design process that produces an encaustic allows for as many as six colors.


Tile by Lindsey Lang
Tile by Lindsey Lang

The intricate pattern of the clay is formed first by a die that resembles a cookie cutter, which gets filled by a mixture of natural pigments, Portland cement, and marble dust. In the second step of the tile-making process, the background mixture of solid grey concrete is poured around the finished inlay pattern to form a square.


encaustic tile


Encaustic tiles aren’t a new trend – they’ve been used for centuries and were referred to as “inlaid” tiles during the medieval period. They were primarily used in religious settings to adorn ornate churches, and then moved into decorating palatial homes. They enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in America in the late 1800s, but fell out of use in new construction after the Great Depression. Some New York City brownstones still have these type of tiles in the entryway or foyer! Encaustic tiles can be found all over the world, but were most plentiful in England, where the greatest number of the tiles were produced. The tiles are known for their longevity – because the design is ¼ inch thick, the tiles will last for years without wearing down. The below medieval tiles are from Cleeve Abbey in England.




The encaustic tile of 2016 comes in a range of styles and prices. Because of they way they’re made, the tiles are quite heavy – the average 8×8 inch tile can weigh in around three pounds. Many are made by designers who produce them in small batches or by custom order, which can add to the price, but their widening popularity means it’s getting more and more likely your local tile or flooring store has a selection, or can order them for you.

The possibilities for decorating with encaustic tiles are endless, and with so many varieties and styles, will fit with any design scheme! Below, this modern, southwestern take on a zig zag pattern works for living room, kitchen, or foyer.




Don’t limit your imagination to the indoors. Outdoor spaces like the veranda below receive just the right pop of color with these blue patterned tiles. Encaustics are great for spaces that have neutral walls with muted design schemes, so the tiles can really shine!




When it comes to bathrooms, larger encaustic tiles featuring wide patterns can make a small space look bigger, like in this vintage Spanish inspired room featured on House Nerd.




As you can see, encaustics aren’t just a fad – they’ve been around for centuries, and their timeless beauty will improve the look, and value, of any home. So why not choose encaustics in your next renovation project?

Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Need help choosing paint colors? We can do that with an expert eye. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843

2016 Color Trends: Off-White

Did you know that paint manufacturers release their popularity forecasts every year? For 2016, the verdicts are in – and more than one manufacturer has chosen white, off white, or cream as their top trendy color of the year. Those chosen hues are the ones they expect to sell the most of. White, cream, and off-white are popping up everywhere – from exterior paint or stucco, to every interior room from bathrooms, to kitchens, to nurseries and home offices. “White is transcendent, powerful and polarizing — it is either taken for granted or obsessed over,” explained Benjamin Moore Creative Director Ellen O’Neill. The company chose their “Simply White” hue as color of the year.


(photo via Pinterest/Nursery Project)


But wait just a minute- hasn’t white been described as a boring monochromatic color option? According to New York designer Miles Redd, “I don’t think of white as a color.”  So why, then, does white deserve the coveted color of the year status?


Simple: it’s not too saturated – just the opposite. It  doesn’t overpower a room, and lets your home’s other details shine through. It provides a break from “louder” colors, and every home needs some neutral colors, or it can quickly become too busy or overwhelming. A slight color to the white can boost a room, as well. For instance, the smallest amount of coffee or brown is great for a darker room to increase the light in your space, as it imitates the warm glow you’d get from a sunny day.


Off-white also provides a calming effect in many rooms. It brings an air of cleanliness to a kitchen. Paired with a warm-toned wooden floor, as in the example below, the white isn’t overpoweringly cold or sterile.

white kitchen

(photo via Pinterest/


In a living room, for example, white can serve as a great base to make colorful furniture stand out when it would otherwise get lost in a complementary color. Choosing a white or slightly off-white hue for your walls also means that changing out furniture and decorative pieces can be done with ease – there’s no chance of a redecoration not working with the wall color. After all subtlety can be underrated when it comes to interior design.

living rom

(photo via Pinterest/West Elm Blog)


The living room above isn’t lacking for color – yet the walls are white! The bold door, plants, rugs, and wall art are front and center, but don’t overpower the room because of the neutral wall tones. This proves that all the forecasts are right on the money – white, off-white, and cream aren’t cold, sterile, and boring! In fact, they can be used across large spaces to bring calm and even warmth to a room when paired with architectural details!


This sudden flash of white doesn’t come from nowhere – it’s part of an overall trend that pairs neutral tones, both warm and cool, with pops of color. The days of oversaturation are in the rearview now!


Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Need help choosing paint colors? We can do that with an expert eye. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843

2015 Trends: Decorating with Tile


If you’re looking to spice up your home’s interior this fall with a DIY or professional project, why not try tile? Adding a small splash of tile as a focal point in your decorating scheme – or a new floor or backsplash as a larger project – is a fantastic way to improve the look of your home. Tile has gone beyond the boring bathroom floor – here’s some trendy examples of how to use tile to transform the look of any room in your home.

Herringbone or chevron floor patterns aren’t just for hardwood anymore- it’s easy to use tile for an eye-pleasing result, no matter what your style preferences are. While a single color or pattern can be soothing and complementary, varying the colors and materials of herringbone can give the room an eclectic feel – for instance, using tile with a wood grain like finish.


NeoTerrazo_Install_3Terrazzo tile is another alternative that’s making a recent comeback. It’s not hard to see why – Terrazzo tile is long-lasting, low maintenance, and able to be made from recycled materials, which means it’s more environmentally friendly.This type of tile can be used both in the home and also in commercial or retail settings because of its durability. If you have a high-travel entryway, mudroom, or hallway, don’t overlook the benefits of terrazzo tile.


If tile flooring isn’t in your budget – or doesn’t fit your preferred design aesthetic – an accent wall is an increasingly trendy way to use tile in interior design. In the example above, the small black subway tile wall makes a huge statement that breaks up the white walls and transforms the look of this small bathroom. Tile options have expanded past the traditional squares and rectangle selections and into custom, detailed shapes that dovetail into a beautiful and calming pattern, such as the marquise style tiled wall below.


New trends are emerging in kitchen backsplash and accent tiling this year. Both natural stone and marble thin pencil or rectangle shapes are new top sellers. Matte tiles are also gaining popularity against the traditional glazed tile for their softer look and feel. There are even tiles on the market that mimic the look of fabric. With these varied products, it’s clear – tiled accent walls aren’t just for the bathroom and kitchen anymore.

In larger rooms like this bedroom, oversized tin tiles create an eye-pleasing patchwork effect. The neutral tones seen here make it easy to change other design elements, which means that a change of bedding won’t disrupt the look of the room. However, a bold solid color or two of tile against a white or grey wall is an alternative that will make your room pop!

No matter what type of design upgrade you’re looking for, tile is a great way to make a durable, long-lasting and phenomenal looking change in your home.

Every Massachusetts exterior painting and interior painting project is different, and unlike other MA interior painting companies, we will always treat your house, building, or surface as one-of-a-kind. Need help choosing paint colors? We can do that with an expert eye. Call us for a free estimate at 978-546-6843