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Painting for Your Personality 

How would people describe your personality? Are you outgoing and like to be the center of attention? Or, are you more introspective and shy? Or possibly, are you one of the multitude of personality types that lie between the two? 

No matter what your personality is, your home is a great place to let it shine. From your choice of furnishings to the colors you paint the walls, your home is a place where you can truly be yourself. Let your color choices show off who you are. Start with the colors on your walls and ceiling. 

Anyone who has ever faced the arduous decision of what color palette to paint the interior of their home knows that the ultimate decision can be made a tiny bit easier if you go with your gut and what your personality is telling you. white walls


Are you someone who gravitates toward classic looks and colors? If so, you may want to look at our portfolio in regard to traditional colors for your interior rooms. Neutrals, whites, and low key colors tend to allow for a classic look that can have major value when it comes time to sell the home. Look for classic pairings of colors like black and white, blue and green, or red and white. 

Funky & Creative 

Do you like to take risks and show off the daring side of yourself? If so, colors that are bolder and unique can really make a statement, especially in high traffic rooms such as the living room, kitchen, and entryway. Choose colors that energize you and bring out your creative spirit. Bright blues, deep greens, quirky purples, and eye-catching reds can show off your fun and one-of-a-kind spirit! fall leaves on a dirt road


Do you thrive on being outdoors? If so, your favorite colors may be the muted blues, greens, and yellows you see in the environment around you. Choosing those colors for your interior may help you bring the outside into your living spaces. Find your favorite wildflower or greenery and start hunting for your next color palette! 


If you love all the new and fresh colors that come out annually, then you may be a trendsetter. Find out which colors are trending currently at Benjamin Moore colors and start your color transformation now. 

If you are planning to paint your home’s interior talk to our color specialists and paint technicians about what colors are right for your personality. Check out our portfolio pages and set up an appointment for a free estimate this season. 


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Add a Pop of Color With Accent Walls

In this era of HGTV and weekend warriors taking on small projects within their homes, it is no doubt that one of the easiest and transformative ways to change the look of a room is to paint an accent wall. Even a subtle color change can shift the tone and mood of an entire room. A pop of color can refresh a room that was looking dated or worn. Take a look at some of our ideas for adding an accent wall in your bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen.fireplace color

A Shade Darker/Lighter

One of the easiest ways to change the overall feel of a room without making a major color shift is to choose a color that is either a little darker or lighter than the main color you are using for the room. For example, if you have a gray color palette in your living room, maybe paint the wall that contains your fireplace a darker shade of that same gray to create a focal point. Depending upon the main color palette you can easily coordinate the color without having to completely disrupt the rooms furnishings. That’s one of the joys of painting an accent way… minimal intrusion into a room.wall of windows

Contrasting Colors

Many kitchens have lots of cabinets and detailed architectural features that could use a color that contrasts or offsets the rest of the room.

For example, if you have a neutral color palette, choose a color that is on the opposite end of the color wheel to make it pop! For example, a room that is filled with blues may benefit from a pop of color in the purples, reds, or yellows.

Coordinating Colors

While contrasting colors are meant to be directly opposite in the color spectrum, choosing a coordinating color means choosing a color for your accent wall that works well and blends into the room in a seamless fashion.

For example, adding a new shade of neutral coloring to an already neutral room can make things look well matched. Or adding a deeper shade of blue to a lighter shade in the same color family can draw the eye to the darker area without taking away from the original color. Or maybe adding a green wall adjacent to the original blue will allow for coordination while still letting the accent wall be a bit different from the rest of the room.

Do you need assistance in choosing the right color for your accent wall? Take a look at our portfolio page and contact us for an estimate and a consultation with our color specialists.

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Historical Colors for Historical Homes 

Do you live in a historic district of your city/town or own a historic home? You may be wondering what restrictions apply to your property when it comes to restoring, revitalizing, and refinishing your home. Here are some great pointers from the professionals who know how it works. 

There are two main options when it comes to selecting historic paint schemes: using the home’s original colors and using period appropriate colors. Consulting your region’s historic commission can be a great resource to start your search for the colors that would work best on your historical home. paints

Use Original Colors 

Some homeowners who live in historic homes or districts choose to paint the exterior with the home’s original colors as found by analyzing the palettes currently on the existing wood and found on original boards. Historic documents may also give clues as to what the home’s original color was. 

Using the home’s original colors can satisfy most historical commission’s protocol on color choices. It can also give you a sense of refurbishing the home back to its original splendor. historical home

Use Period Appropriate Colors 

For this step you may need to do a little research of your own or consult a historical expert. In other words, you will need to find out the exact date your home was built as well as what colors were commonly used during that period of history. Make sure you are researching specifically for your region. 

According to Landmark Services, “Many of these consultants will work from a distance: you pay a fee, send them some photos of your house, and they provide some period appropriate color schemes. Some preservation organizations have commissioned lines of period-appropriate colors. These include The National Trust and Colonial Williamsburg. Here in Massachusetts, the Cambridge Historical Commission has published a guide to historically appropriate colors.

For historic homeowners, the decision is often more complex than taking a quick trip to the paint store. The color specialists at Benjamin Moore dealers routinely research and document this type of information to provide owners with a greater understanding of the design tastes of particular periods.  

The Benjamin Moore website provides basic background information on a range of architectural styles, beginning with Cape Cod homes (1600-1955) and ending with Contemporary (1965-present), and gives a sample color palette for each one.

If you are considering painting the exterior of your home and need help with the historic color palette that is required, call our specialists for assistance on what is required of you and your color choice.

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Transform Your Garage into Usable Space 

For many of us, our garages become the catch-all of items from seasonal storage items to clothing that needs to be donated. Consequently, the garage becomes more of a storage area than a workshop. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to transform your garage from a place where discarded home items go to a workshop you can be proud of. 

order and chaos signDeclutter 

Garages tend to be a dumping ground. Everything from broken tools, to holiday decorations get stashed in the garage. Start your garage transformation by decluttering. Take everything out and start sorting. Create a trash pile, donate pile, and a grouping of items that will need to find a place back in the garage. 

Once you have donated and taken a trip to the trash, you can start sorting what is left. Place “like” items together such as sporting equipment, lawn tools, bikes, and beach items. Knowing how much you have left that needs to go back into the garage will help you in your organization. 

Buy Organizers 

There are hundreds of bins, hooks, and shelving units that you can install to help get your remaining garage items up and off the floor. 

Find storage that can accommodate the items that you have. The combination of hanging and wall storage is quite amazing. The more you can combine like items and keep them organized together, the less cluttered your garage will get. 

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

Take the time before you start setting up your workspace or workshop to paint the interior of your garage. A simple white palette can brighten and lighten the area. It will also give you a good background to start mounting your storage units on the walls and ceiling. 

Paint is one of the most transformative and cost effective ways to change a space from drab and boring, to fresh and new. epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring

If your plan is to turn your garage into a workspace that may include use of chemicals, oil, and machinery, it may be a good idea to consider epoxy flooring. This type of flooring is durable, stain and heat resistant, and exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. 

Epoxy flooring also has a high level of shine that allows for a brightness to a usually dark area of your home. 

Create the Space You Want 

Whether you are hoping for a space to work on your cars, build and create, or maybe even have a crafting area, your garage can be a great area to clean out and transform. With a little bit of elbow grease and some professional painting and organizing, your garage can change in just a few short days from a dumping ground of household items, to a space you are proud of. 

Talk to our specialists about the type and techniques you may need to use for both painting and epoxy flooring in your garage workshop. 

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Weekend Warrior Projects for the Spring

If you’re an HGTV junkie and love spending your weekends sprucing up your home and yard, you may be looking for projects that can improve the aesthetic look and overall health of your home. 

Being a weekend warrior means that you’re looking for something to improve your home that can be done in a short timeframe such as a weekend or two (or less). Here are a few projects that may satisfy both criteria of being a quick project and transformative. decking

Deck Rehab 

Now that the weather is improving with each day, and the sun sets later, you may be thinking about when you can throw your first outdoor entertaining party. Before you can set that date, you will want to check your deck to be sure it is set to go. 

Deck rehab means checking for splintering wood, areas that need restaining, nails that need pounding down, and loose or damaged boards. 

Spring is a great time to contact our team to power wash, clean, and reseal your deck to get it ready for spring and summer entertaining. Before you consider replacing your deck, call our team to see if we can restore it back to its original splendor. This means we can strip it, replace damaged wood, put on a layer of stain or paint, and weatherproof it so you can enjoy your outdoor entertaining for many more years to come. doorway

Entryway Refresh 

One of the first places that catches the attention of passerbyers and neighbors, is your entryway and front door. Spend a weekend focusing on your front as a way of making a great first impression and sprucing up your house, all at the same time. 

Painting the front door is a perfect place to start. Depending upon the color of the rest of your home’s exterior, you could choose an accent color that makes your front entry pop. One trending color right now in our area is red! The bright, happy color can really make a front door stand out against a white home! 

Add some potted plants to your walkway, clean up the steps with a fresh coat of white or gray paint and your front door has a whole new look. 

As an added pick-me-up install a new light fixture, a modern house number, or a new mailbox just for fun! garage door

Garage Doors and Shutters 

We spend a lot of time talking about color palettes and accent colors for the interior of homes, but did you know that you have several places where an accent color outdoors can make your home look finished and well coordinated? 

Many weekend warriors are choosing to paint their garage doors and shutters, if they have them, in order to coordinate with the color of their front door. These easy changes can be done a little at a time or all in one weekend. The matching or coordinating color scheme can have such a positive effect on your home’s overall look. 

Do you need help with some of your weekend warrior projects?? Call the team at Jerry Enos Painting for professional and experienced painters who can help you transform your home. 


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How Can I Brighten A Dark Room? 

At Jerry Enos Painting we are asked this question quite often. Older homes often have smaller rooms that may have fewer windows, darker ceilings, or outdated wall coverings that can add to the darkness of the room. Paint can go a long way to brighten a dull or dark room.

Traditional wall coverings like busy wallpaper or dark wood paneling can cause a room to look smaller and even dreary if enough light is not allowed into the space. Opening up the space and making it seem brighter may mean starting from scratch.  Here are a few of our suggestions to get you started in bringing your room into the light.  

Clear the Room 

One thing that all darker rooms seem to have in common is that they are filled with too much stuff. Start your brightening project by clearing the room of all furnishings, keepsakes, rugs, and shelving. Now that you have a clean slate to work from you can begin the brightening of the room. 

Choose a Light Color 

Many rooms that once looked dark had a deeper or darker color painted on the walls, ceiling, or both. Some may even have dark wood paneling as many homes have used in the past. Choose a color, possibly using one in the neutral palette like: tan, beige, taupe, or white. Paint the ceiling and the wall surfaces the same color to unify the room. Painting wall paneling can be tricky if that is the case in your house. You may need special primer so that you are not applying coat after coat to the walls only to have it quickly absorbed. 

Be Minimalist with Window Coverings 

If you are hoping to add light to a room then your mantra should be, “Less or more,” when it comes to window coverings. Curtains should be light and flowy rather than dark and heavy. Shades should be the light diffusing kind rather than the blocking kind. This will allow for as much natural light to enter and brighten the room as possible. 

Add Artificial Lights 

Natural light from windows will help brighten the space but so will lamps, overhead lights, and area lights. Get creative when picking the shades and style as these too can help brighten the room. 

mirrors create light

Install Mirrors 

A trick used by designers to brighten a space is to add a wall mirror that not only opens up the space but also reflects whatever natural or artificial light is in the room. This magnification of light can help bring any space out of the darkness. 


Need help brightening up a room? Talk to our color specialists who can recommend a color palette and suggest some techniques that will let the light into any space. 

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Why Is Choosing a Paint Color So Hard? 

This is probably the number one complaint from homeowners who have decided to refresh the interior or exterior of their home with paint. “Why is choosing a color so painful?” Honestly, there are actually several factors that may be causing this seemingly simple decision to become one that is excruciating. 

paint colors

The Problem

First of all, the number of paint choices can be overwhelming. Benjamin Moore has over 3,500 color choices alone! Most homeowners start looking at a wall of swatches that can only  add to the confusion. 

Secondly, many homeowners go into the task of choosing a paint color with some seriously unrealistic expectations. The DIY television shows make it look so simple. Choose a color, prep the room, and voila, you are done by the end of the weekend! The process of painting needs to be taken in steps, and starting and completing a project in one weekend, including making the color choice, probably isn’t going to happen. 

Lastly, many homeowners don’t take into account other components of the paint color decision process. For example, choosing a color is really just part of it. Now you have to choose what sheen and how it will coordinate with adjoining rooms, furnishings, and accent colors. Plus, it’s a really good idea to see how a color looks during different times of day and in both natural and artificial light. 

choosing paint colors


We agree that choosing a paint color can be difficult. The process can be made a bit easier if you follow some guidelines. Here are our suggestions that may help. 

  • Look for inspiration from items you already own such as a blanket, painting, picture frame, or keepsake from a vacation. 
  • Narrow your color choice to three and then play around with shades that are slightly lighter and slightly darker. 
  • Use a tester sample to paint a larger swatch on the actual wall and see how it looks. 
  • Use the tester to determine what sheen may be best for the room. Keep in mind higher gloss is better for high traffic areas. 
  • Ask for help from color experts who can point you in the right direction if you have an idea of the overall “look” you are going for. 
  • Consider how the color may coordinate with the adjoining rooms. This is especially important if you have an open concept home. 
  • If you have fallen in love with a color that seems too bold, consider using it as an accent color instead of your main color for the space. 

Still having trouble? Talk to our color specialists who can help you weed out options and point you in the right direction. Remember not to rush the process or you may get stuck with a color that you may not love. 


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The Advantages of Going Neutral 

Thinking about an interior paint project this winter? Choosing a color palette can be the hardest part of the process. Many homeowners settle on a neutral color. The reasons for this can be varied. Many have heard from friends that neutral colors will go with everything in their home, will not have to be repainted any time soon, is classic-looking, or, if you are moving soon, will appeal to the greatest number of home buyers. These are all great reasons. Let’s explore why neutral is not “settling” but rather a smart choice for today’s homeowners. 

selling a home

Neutral is Key To Resale 

Realtors are known for advising clients that are considering selling, that they should repaint rooms that have bold or unusual color palettes and choose a more neutral shade. The reason for this is because homebuyers will not be turned off by a color they don’t like. 

It is also important to give a potential buyer a clean slate to envision their furnishings and keepsakes in the home. If they are looking at a bright red accent wall, they may not be able to picture themselves in your home. 

Some buyers also keep a mental list of all the projects they will have to tackle once they move in. If your home has too many rooms that need work or paint, your house may not be in contention. 

Neutral Matches Everything 

Do you have colorful furnishings, art pieces, or paintings that need a neutral backdrop? This is one of the top reasons why homeowners choose neutral to begin with. If you like pops of color, such as on your furnishings, floor coverings, curtains, or wall hangings, you may also want to consider a neutral that can help show off these colorful items. 

neutral living area

Neutral Never Gets Old 

If you love to take risks, you may want to try an accent wall or some new paint technique, but keep the majority of the room neutral just in case you tire of the color of the accent wall. Many homeowners fall in love with a neutral grey or tan because they find that they never tire of it. They can change out furnishings and keepsakes and still be in love with a color palette. 

Neutral colors make the perfect base for designing a room around. Choose fun furnishings, window coverings, rugs, and throw pillows to make a space come to life. 

Do you need help choosing a color? Talk to our color specialists who can help you choose a color that you will be happy with for years to come. 

Classic Color Combinations

One of the most common questions that our clients face when painting the interior of their home is about color combinations. What colors go well together and what kind of mood do they create? Let’s take a closer look at some classic color combinations and why they may be the perfect choice for your home.

Interior design trends come and go, but color combinations that blend or contrast well tend to stand the test of time.Black and White

This combination is classic and mainly used when a homeowner wants to create a modern and simple design. This color combination is inherently sleek, elegant, and refined. Benjamin Moore has a fantastic “Super White” that helps offset the black and create the classic look you are searching for.

Green and Yellow

The fusion of these two colors in any room tends to bring out the natural side to a room as these are two of the natural environments most stunning colors. The yellow most notably as symbolic of the sun and the green of vegetation. Since there are many varied hues of each of these color palettes, homeowners can get creative when combining yellow and green.

Earth Tones

If you are trying to create a mood of relaxation and calmness, use Earth tones such as beige, grey, tan, white, and clay. These colors tend to make us all feel at ease. Add a splash of color to the room with flowering houseplants or throw pillows/blankets.

Green and Blue

This fun combo can be both traditional or ultra modern depending upon the hues of each. Depending upon the intensity of the colors you choose, you can determine the mood that this combination can evoke.

Red and Gold

Red is a favorite color of dining rooms and when paired with the gold can bring the room back to traditional Tudor times. This color combination can be updated to more modern times by changing the red to pink and toning down the gold to a sand or tan color.

Tell us about your favorite color combinations and let us know why you chose them. Post on our Facebook page or contact us through our website.

4 Tips to Pick Your Interior Paint Colors 

If you are in the throes of a home project and are overwhelmed with the number of choices for hardware, trim, furnishings, and even paint, you may be looking for guidance. Here are some of the best tips we have on how to pick an interior paint color that you will be happy with for years to come. 

Honestly, most people don’t realize how hard it is to pick paint colors until they are staring at 500 shades of grey in 2×3 swatches and can’t quite decide if they want a more bluish-grey or a tan-grey, or even a grey that has a hint of green in it. Try not to get overwhelmed by the number of choices and use these tips to help guide you in this choice. 

Find an Inspiration

Take a quick look around your home at the furnishings, rugs, quilts, and artwork you already own. Are there any colors that stand out that you love? Finding an inspiration whether it is from a book, a picture, a bedspread pattern, or even something you see in nature can be a great way to find a color that you want in your home for years. 

Choose from a Portfolio 

Jerry Enos Painting has a portfolio page of our past jobs that we recommend viewing if you are having trouble making a choice. Our color specialists can help you sort through colors that you like and eliminate those that you do not. Benjamin Moore also offers a great tool on its website to help homeowners choose a color that will set the mood they are aiming for. 

Try Sample Sizes 

If you are really stuck between two or three color palettes for a room, we suggest that you buy the sample sizes and put a coat or two on in several areas in the room. After it dries, take a day or two to see how the color and sheen looks in the room at all different times of the day. This will allow for the sun to hit the room and for homeowners to see the final color in natural sunlight light as well as the lighting fixtures in the room. 

Use Color Theories to Choose 

There are several theories on how to choose a color for your interior. Color specialists often times use a color wheel to choose a color scheme. Others use the 60-30-10 rule of choosing a main color, an accent color, and then a final color for trim and pops of color. These theories work when hoping to balance a room and have it look professionally designed. 

Are you overwhelmed with the color choices for your latest paint project? Talk to the color specialists at Jerry Enos Painting for help. Check out our website or Facebook page where we give lots of helpful tips.