Workspace Painting 

January 29, 2020

How many hours do you spend at your desk working every day? Eight, maybe ten hours? If so, then your workspace, whether at home or in the office, is where you spend the largest chunk of your day. Shouldn’t that space be appealing? Today’s blog will examine how paint can liven up your workspace, keep it brand centric, and create a positive work environment. 

Your workspace needs to be a productive and welcoming environment. It should look clean, organized, and above all, professional. To achieve this, you will need to channel your inner designer and plan for a work area that checks all of those boxes. 

A Welcoming Work Environment 

No matter whether your office has a store front location or one in a bonus room in your home, it should be welcoming for you, employees, and clients. We recommend a color that is conducive to productivity such as blue to evoke feelings of intellectuality, green for getting back to nature, yellow for radiating positivity, or even an accent color of red, for action. Whatever color you choose, be sure to have it professionally painted so that your space will look well-cared for and maintained. 

Stay “On Brand” 

Keep in mind that many businesses are trying to raise brand awareness. If this is the case in your business, you may want to consider talking to our color specialists who can help you choose a color palette that is true to your brand. For example, if your website, logo, and products incorporate a certain color, you will want that hue to be spotlighted in your work environment. It does not need to be a main color but should at least be an accent color that shows forethought in design of your workspace. 

Improve Team Morale 

Not all offices experience a modern, clean look. There is nothing that can bring down morale like a dirty or dated looking office space. If the paint or wallpaper appears old or worn, you may be sending the wrong message to clients and employees about the health and strength of your company. A fresh coat of paint, in a color that suits who you are as a business, can lift morale and create a positive feeling from all who enter the space. 

The number one component that can transform a workspace at a cost-effective rate is paint. A fresh coat can bring new life to a space and invigorate your business. Talk to our team today about how you can start fresh this business year. Call us to schedule an appointment. 


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