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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Power Wash Your Home or Business

May 18, 2022

Power washing the exterior of a home or business can breathe new life into a building and even transform the overall aesthetics of a structure. When done in a timely manner, it can remove the dirt, grime, and ocean salt of a New England home after a long winter, or refresh a home after the leaves have fallen in the autumn months. 

Most home maintenance experts agree that power washing a home a couple of times a year is a great way to keep a home or business looking fresh and new. If you live on a dirt road you may want to consider increasing the number of times a year to remove dust that is kicked up from the road. 


Why Power Wash? 

Using the power washing technology of a high powered sprayer and cleaning mixture is not just for aesthetics purposes. It also plays a major role in removing mold, mildew, or salt deposits that can be evident on homes in our region. 

According to Bob Villa, home repair and maintenance expert, “Houses in regions with high humidity are prone to exterior mildew, and the sooner you remove it, the better. If ignored, mildew, a whitish surface fungus, can quickly turn into a full-blown mold infestation that can damage wood and siding.”

Additionally, power washing can help identify areas of siding that may need repair or upkeep and assist in removing chipping or bubbling paint so that touch ups may be easy to complete. 


The Best Seasons For Power Washing 

Since many home repair experts suggest power washing a couple of times a year, spring and fall are the optimal times to complete this bi-annual task. 

Spring is a great time to dust off the winter cobwebs and see what type of residue Mother Nature has left on the exterior of your home, the deck, patio, and walkways. Removing dirt, grime, and gunk from these surfaces can immediately transform an area. 

Spring is also a good time to power wash areas where salt and de-icing materials were used over the winter months. A quick power wash can remove the salt that can eat away at concrete pavers and other hardscapes. 

The months of fall are also a good time to power wash as it gets your home ready for the long winter yet to come. It can remove dirt and grease as well as leaves that have fallen. 

Best Time of Day For Power Washing 

Unlike painting that should occur during the mild and less humid times of the day, power washing can take place any time there is daylight (between dawn and dusk) and enough sun to warm and dry the surfaces adequately. Most experts suggest avoiding power washing during storms or when shadows on the surface of the home can make it difficult to see what areas have been washed. 

From walkways, patios, decks and exterior home surfaces, Jerry Enos’ Power Washing team can transform your space and give it the refresh that it needs. Call us today to schedule a power washing. 


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