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Using Nature as Inspiration for Your Color Palette

May 1, 2020

Choosing a color palette for the interior or exterior of your home can be excruciatingly hard for some people. Most homeowners tend to look for inspiration in many different places. For instance, some homeowners choose colors from their favorite clothing pieces, furniture collections, or paintings they own. Others choose from a color palette that merely pleases their eye. Still others choose their colors from images they love in nature. That’s where we begin in today’s blog – choosing colors from nature’s inspiration. 

If choosing paint colors is a struggle for you, as it is many who are choosing to refresh their home, consider looking to the world around as your muse. sunset photo

Vacation Photos 

If you have been on a vacation that you loved, chances are that you have photographs of the area you visited. Go through those photos and really consider the colors you see. 

Did you visit a lush green tropical forest? Did you swim in the shimmering turquoise waters of the Caribbean? Did you marvel at the sunset over the Grand Canyon? Did you visit the spectacular leaf display during the Autumn months in New England? 

Wherever you visited, you may see some inspiration for the colors that you can use in your home. If you can print your photos, your local Benjamin Moore dealer may be able to help you find just the right shades that can make your palette come to life. 

Garden Inspiration 

If you are a true “green thumb,” then you know that flowers, shrubbery, annuals, perennials, and even the varied shades of grass can lend itself to ideas of what colors you would like in and on your home. Take a look at the flowering plants and greenery around your property for some insight into the colors you may like to see on your walls, ceilings, and surfaces. Even a bold accent color for a door, mailbox, trim, or shutters could come from your eye catching gardens. path in the woods

Nature Walk 

Given that many of us are still homebound due to the coronavirus, it is no doubt that getting out for a walk is good mental therapy and can be a mood booster. During your nature walks, look around you at the trees, ground cover, and all the varied hues that nature provides. If you are looking for neutral, Earthy tones, look no further than the hiking paths, rail trails, or woodland footpaths in your neighborhood for inspiration. 

Nature can be such a great place to gain ideas for painting the interior or exterior of your home. Check out the wide array of colors that you may like at Benjamin Moore Paints online. Talk to one of our specialists about how you can safely get started on your home’s paint project. 


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