Touch Up Troubles

January 12, 2018

Do the walls and trim of your home have a few scrapes, scuffs, or gouges caused by the normal wear and tear of typical high traffic areas? Many homeowners try touching up these blemishes on their own, only to find that, despite the relatively small size of the marks, they are not as simple to fix as they may seem. Some factors that are often overlooked include not taking into account the temperature/humidity, the original sheen, the porousness of a surface, and the original application method. Due to this, many touch-ups look and feel different from the surrounding surfaces. This is a problem if you were aiming for the eyesore to blend in seamlessly again. Here are a few of the troubles that homeowners encounter when touching up tarnished surfaces.


  • Matching the Color – If at all possible use the same batch of paint to be sure the color matches identically. If that is not possible, take a sample and have a paint professional match the color using the technology that is now readily available. Do not use old paint as it may not be mixed as well or may not match precisely.
  • Fixing Gouges – Many times, gouges or scratches in the drywall must be fixed before painting the area to match. This could be tricky because the drywall filler may absorb the coating at a different rate than the finished wall, thus giving a different look to the paint.
  • Sheen – Be sure when fixing small touch-ups that you have chosen the right paint with the same sheen as the original coat. Nothing calls attention to a touch-up more than covering up a flat paint wall with a high-gloss touch-up.
  • Application Method – If you rolled-on the paint rather than brushing it on you should follow the same procedure when completing touch ups. The way the paint looks on your walls or trim is partly determined by the application method.


If you are considering doing some touch-ups around your home or business, call Jerry Enos Painting for help to get it right the first time. Call us at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.


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