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Top Ten Reasons Your Business Should Consider a Epoxy Flooring

August 9, 2017

Does your home or business have a utility or work room that sees high foot traffic and is exposed to various abuses such as chemical spills, oil drips, high temperatures or changing humidity? The room may be a garage or laundry room in your home or a workshop or factory floor in your commercial or industrial business. What they all have in common – the need for an epoxy flooring. Here are the top ten reasons why choosing epoxy flooring from Jerry Enos Painting will benefit your home or business.

  1. Epoxy floorings offer a hard wearing durable surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic. Even concrete floors crack and wear after years of use.
  2. Epoxy floors are really fast and easy to install.
  3. Epoxy Floors are simple to clean and maintain which is ideal for garages, laundry rooms and factory floors. Epoxy resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes clean.
  4. Epoxy floors can last years and years.
  5. Epoxy is versatile and can be combined with paints and colors to create patterns or logos for your store or workshop.
  6. Epoxy provides a chemically resistant surface ideal for manufacturing plants or workshop floors.
  7. Epoxy floors offer enhanced safety by creating an anti-slip surface, heat and fire resistant solution to concrete floors.
  8. Epoxy flooring increases the brightness of an area due to the high gloss finish. Brightness can increase by 200%!
  9. Epoxy prevents wear and tear to the existing concrete floor.
  10. Epoxy floors are considered environmental friendly solutions.

If you are considering flooring alternatives for your home or business talk to the professionals at Jerry Enos Painting 978-546-6843. Our experts can evaluate your room and explain the process of this durable and easy to maintain epoxy flooring.

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