Top 10 Reasons Why it is Important to Hire a Pro Painter

August 15, 2018

Many homeowners and business owners alike think that they can easily paint either the interior or exterior of their home or business and get the same professional result as if they hired a painting expert. This is not really true. There are many errors that can occur along the way from the prep work to the final coat. Here are our top ten reasons why you should go with a pro painter this time.


  1. Prep Work – A vast majority of any paint job is the prep work including scraping, sanding, and filling holes. Too many homeowners skip or do not give the necessary attention to this step.
  2. Cleaning the Area – Whether it is power washing the exterior of a home or wiping off the dust and dirt from the surfaces inside a home, this step often gets missed by those who are doing it themselves.
  3. Finding rotting wood or areas that need repairs. Most people who are doing painting on their own do not know the signs of wood that needs to be repaired or replaced.
  4. Weather Knowledge – Professionals know to watch the weather and will stop painting if the prediction is that rain is on the way or that the humidity will get over 85%.
  5. How Much Paint – Many homeowners make mistakes on buying too much or too little paint that will become a problem as the job nears completion.
  6. How Many Coats – Professionals know the importance of getting the right number of coats on, including a primer and final coat, so that there is no discoloration or fading a few years down the road.
  7. Quality of Paint – Many people who love to DIY choose the cheapest paint, which may mean it either will not last or will have a tendency to peel or chip. Professionals know quality paint.
  8. Techniques and Tools  – Professional painters, who have been doing it as long as our team has, know the best techniques and tools needed to do each job.
  9. Patience – Burnout after a few hours or days of painting is a problem for many homeowners who had no idea how much work their “little project” was going to really be. Professionals know in advance the patience needed to make your home/business look fantastic.
  10. Experience – Professional painters rely on their experience when it comes to painting difficult areas or architecture. Experience matters when painting your most valuable possession.


There’s really so much benefit behind hiring a professional, who has expertise in painting. Thinking about painting this summer or fall? Call Jerry Enos Painting instead at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.


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