Timeless Dining Room colors

Timeless Dining Room Colors 

September 10, 2023

As we head fast and furiously into the holiday season, you may be wondering if you have the time and energy to give your dining room a quick refresh before family and friends arrive for the annual holiday dinners. Jerry Enos Painting can help you meet your deadline and we even have some suggestions for a classic look for your dining room color palette. 

Why Refresh The Dining Area? 

Dining rooms are often the first space that guests see when they enter a house. They are also the spaces that are the least used unless your family entertains often. 

That being said, since dining rooms are not used nearly as often as eat-in kitchens, the furnishings often last many years. The chairs, tables, and hutch often stay pristine due to lack of use. Unfortunately, this may also mean that a dining room has been left untouched for years and may look a bit dated. 

Another reason to choose the dining area to refresh is that it is a space that stays relatively clean from clutter (unlike family rooms) thus you can go a little crazy with the decor of your liking. 

Dining Room Color Inspiration 

Whether you use your dining room often or save all your entertainment until the holidays, you may be looking for some inspiration for this room. Here are a few options from Benjamin Moore to get you inspired to deck the halls and invite your closest friends and family for a meal. 

For a classic look, the designers at Benjamin Moore suggest Cotswold, Mountain Peak White, Garrison Red, or Davenport Tan. 


Benjamin Moore’s Cotswold is described as “an agreeable taupe hue that works well with both warm and cool color schemes” by designers. 

Mountain Peak White

Mountain Peak White 

This soft creamy color is warm enough to make your dining area feel welcoming and allows for accent colors on the furnishings as well as the windows. Mountain Peak White adds a layer of depth than a purer white allows. 

Garrison Red

Garrison Red 

This soft red is a classic look for a formal dining room. Garrison Red has “muted yet balanced undertones that go from brick to violet make this an essential red” according to Benjamin Moore designers.

Davenport Tan

Davenport Tan 

This sophisticated tan is perfect for a dining room hoping to play on wood floors or natural wood table/chairs. With undertones of gray, this brown is classic enough to refresh the look of dining for years to come. Davenport Tan is also a great option that can be used in a dining room that has a chair rail feature. Ask your paint mixer to mix a shade lighter for the top of the rail and a shade darker for the bottom to create depth and dimension in your dining room. 

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