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Three Top Reasons Why Realtors Advise Painting

August 2, 2017

Thinking about selling your home? Hoping to fetch top dollar and get an excellent return on your precious investment? If so, you may be considering ways to improve your home before you place it on the market. One of the steps that realtors advise sellers who are both cost-conscious and time-conscious is painting. Let’s look at the tops reasons why painting the interior, exterior or both is a great idea before you place it on the market!


  • First Impressions – When a buyer pulls up in front of your home, they immediately look at the exterior and gain a critical first impression. Making that first impression a positive one  is so important. If your home has chipping, weathered or peeling paint, gutters that need cleaning and a lawn that could use some work, then a potential buyer may not even enter your home. However, if your home is freshly painted, lawn is well-manicured and overall looks cared for, you will get that buyer looking closer and considering making an offer.


  • Foot in the Door – New exterior paint may get your potential buyers through the front door but what about when they get inside? Are the color choices for the rooms too bold or light for the new buyers? Can they “see” themselves living in the home? New paint indoors can freshen up a room dramatically and give the house a new look. A newly painted room can clean up years of smudges on walls, knicks on the baseboards and stains on the ceilings.


  • Less on the “To-Do” List – Every home buyer makes a mental list of the things that they want to change, fix or redo  once they get into a home. Sometimes the list is so long that it puts a house out of the running. If your home is freshly painted inside and out, you may have given the buyer one less thing to worry about. In addition, a home that looks cared for means that other things such as electrical, heat and other utilities are equally maintained. Painting can put home buyers at ease that they are buying a well-maintained home that is practically turnkey.

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