Three Things to Consider When Creating the Perfect Playroom

October 18, 2017

A child’s playroom conjures up images of playdough, blocks, books, and an assortment of other toys and art supplies designed to inspire creativity and imagination. Sure, the room may go from clean and organized to total chaos in the blink of an eye, but that doesn’t mean that the design shouldn’t be well thought out and crafted, and that includes color palette choices. When choosing the paint colors and décor of a playroom, it is important to be clever, resourceful, and even a little bit silly. Doing this will ensure a playroom masterpiece that your children or grandchildren will adore playing in throughout their childhoods.


Choosing a Color Scheme – The best thing about a playroom is that it is meant to be fun and a little whimsical. Homeowners are not bound by any color rules for this room so you can get a little crazy in your design ideas or at least think a little outside of the box. Do not limit yourself to the three primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. Choose paint textures, shapes, or patterns to make the room visibly interesting. Involve the child if possible in the design and color choices. We suggest choosing a main color and then two accent or secondary colors that will show up in various aspects of the décor or accent pieces.


Choosing a Theme – Many parents choose a theme that coincides with their child’s interests (or, more likely, obsessions.) For example, if your child loves arts and crafts, create a themed area that has everything their heart desires to create their own art projects. A craft table, framed art, and of course, art supplies are a great start. If your child loves sports, create a theme on the walls and via décor that showcases their favorite players and sports. Choose turf colors, a playing field pattern, or the colors of a favorite sports team. The sky’s the limit.


Choosing Storage – Playrooms are notoriously filled with all sorts of items and everything needs a place to be stored or you will have a mess on your hands all the time. Remember, this is a playroom so all the color rules go out the window. That means that you can use paint on the shelving that coordinates with the color palette of the room or storage bins that are colorful, fun and utilitarian as well. Many parents use multi functional items such as storage cubes for sitting at a child’s table or benches for extra seating as well as storage. There are a vast number of storage solutions to choose from that can not only serve two purposes, match your color scheme and look fun all at the same time.


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