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The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

February 16, 2013

Consider how much you count on the flooring beneath your feet every day, at home, and on the job. If you’re like most people, it’s not something you think about all that often – until you get a scratch, a gash, or a hole underfoot, or end up flat on your face with your floor an inch away from your eyes. So when it comes time to replace a worn-out restaurant kitchen floor, garage floor, or shop floor, it’s not that unusual to be a little confused when it comes to what your best options are.

One hard-wearing choice that’s gaining ground in household renovations is durable epoxy flooring – a floor system typically associated with commercial and industrial applications. Durability is only one reason epoxy flooring could be the best option for arenas, breweries, factories… and even your home’s garage.

What Is Epoxy Flooring Exactly?

Epoxy itself is a thermosetting polymer made from a combination of liquid resin and a hardening agent. When it is applied to existing flooring, it creates a thick, seamless coating that protects against wear from foot traffic, chemicals, moisture, heat, vehicle traffic, dirt, and dust. But epoxy isn’t just one kind of floor coating – there are water-based and 100% solid epoxies in addition to traditional solvent-based coatings, and these epoxy flooring types are designed for application on surfaces like concrete, metal, and previously coated floors.

A Surprising Degree of Versatility

One reason that epoxy flooring is used across so many industries and in homes is that it can be customized based on how it will be used. For instance, materials mixed into epoxy before installation can create positive non-skid surfaces for areas where liquid spills may be an issue whereas high-gloss finishes can improve workplace brightness. Epoxy flooring is also unexpectedly attractive – colored epoxies can be used to create decorative patterns like logos or borders in almost any hue.

Where You’ll Find Epoxy Floors

Anywhere a slip, heat, impact, and fire-resistant flooring solution is required, you may find yourself walking on epoxy. In food, beverage, and pharma preparation and packing plants, the ease with which an epoxy floor can be cleaned makes it an efficient flooring option. In manufacturing and industrial settings, epoxy’s natural resistance to chemicals and heat can produce a safer workplace. Epoxy flooring can also reduce wear and tear on warehouse vehicles. Hospitals, kennels, and schools like epoxy flooring because it’s installed to last. And showrooms and homeowners appreciate the numerous color options.

Installation Is Quick and Easy

Installing epoxy flooring is probably faster and simpler than you think. Unless special preparation is necessary, the existing floor will be patched, cleaned, and etched before a base coat is applied. Next comes one or more coats of epoxy, a colored coat if that is part of the installation, and a final top coat. Some systems can be applied in as little as 12 hours, depending on the space being treated, with a full chemical cure in 48-72 hours.

Epoxy Can Even Be a Green Option

Waterborne epoxies are an environmentally friendly floor coating solution for people and companies who are committed to using green building materials.  Low VOC and odorless formulas are a non-toxic alternative to other flooring systems that require longer absences during the curing process. Greener water-based epoxies also have the benefit of being ideal in settings where solvent odors and flammability are just not an option.

In short, epoxy flooring is a great choice in industrial, commercial, and residential settings where durability, ease of installation, customizability, and style are all important.

JEP Epoxy Floors specializes in the installation of commercial, industrial, and residential epoxy flooring systems in Massachusetts and throughout the New England states. We can give you exactly what you need in a custom-designed floor that will provide you the best value for your money.


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