Spring Power Washing

April 19, 2017

Spring is a great time to clean out your closets, wash your windows, declutter the basement and get your carpets cleaned. Spring cleaning may not be glamorous and exciting, but it sure can bring a house back to life after a long winter. While you are cleaning around your house don’t neglect the actual siding of the house itself. Whether you are just hoping to rejuvenate the overall look of your exterior or maybe you want to put your house on the market this spring, power washing is a must do on your spring cleaning checklist.

Throughout the winter the exterior of your house was exposed to some fairly tough elements that may have your house looking worn down or dirty. Mold, dirt, stains, salt and other environmental pollutants can make your house look tired and grimy. Power washing or pressure washing is a simple and fast way to restore the original color and remove unsightly stains. Pressure washing actually rejuvenates wood, concrete, vinyl, brick, and other surfaces by removing entire layers of built-up dirt and particulates, oil, gum, and other gunk.

Power washing can payoff in several important ways. Not only does power washing keep  your home clean: it hinders rot, decay and premature aging of the home. These problems could lead to costly repairs down the line. An annual power washing can help homeowners avoid such problems. Once clean, a home that was once seen as tired and dirty now also has increased curb appeal if you are considering selling your home this spring. It could also mean an increase in the home’s overall value. Imagine home buyers pulling up to your house to be pleasantly surprised at how well kept the exterior of the home is. This makes for a positive first impression.  A well maintained home from the outside increases the odds  that the buyer will continue the tour to the inside. Showing your house with a freshened up look is one of the major benefits of a power washing this spring.

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