Spice Up Your Hallways 

October 20, 2021

Are your home’s hallways uninspired, dated, or in need of a serious pick-me-up? Hallways tend to be one of the more overlooked and neglected areas of any home. If you need to spice up your hallways, we have a few ideas to get your forgotten hallways looking fresh and appealing. 

There are several techniques that can lighten up a hallway space and make it more visually appealing including: adding light, painting with an inviting color scheme, changing the flooring, and thinking outside the box.

Add Light 

Hallways are notoriously dark and tend to need some light to aid residents who travel to the bathroom at night or want some zing to their forgotten hallway. 

Along with being dark, hallways are also narrow so adding tables with lamps or stand alone lamps can be tricky unless your space is wide enough. For those who lack the width of a hallway, consider adding pendant lights, recessed lighting or some funky decorative wall sconces in the space. 

The higher the ceilings in your hallway, the more illumination you may need to make the space feel lighter and more open. 

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Punch Up the Color 

As painters, we know that a good paint color can transform a space, even a boring hallway. Choose a color that is out of your comfort zone but coordinates with your adjacent rooms to give the hallway some personality and style! 

This doesn’t mean you have to avoid white walls in your hallways, but rather consider a patter, stripe, or an accent wall that could have family portraits hung on it. 

Switch Up Your Flooring

If your ho-hum hallway has neutral rugs or flooring that needs some work, try adding a runner or an area rug that will add a splash of color to the space. 

If you have the opportunity to refinish hardwood floors in a hallway, you may be able to bring back the original charm of an older home. 

For broken or cracked tiles in your hallways, consider having a professional tiler fix the areas where possible or splurge for an entirely new tile floor. 

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Think Outside the Box 

If you have added light, changed up the color, and considered the flooring, you may still have some work to do.

Make a statement by painting the ceiling a complimentary color or by adding wood beams to add architectural interest to the space. 

Adding pictures and wall art is commonplace, but you can make it unique by choosing some eclectic frames and images that will make your hallway go from boring to bright and inspiring! 


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