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Signs Your Home’s Exterior Needs Painting 

March 9, 2020

The winters are long here in New England, and there’s probably no other area of our great country that looks forward to spring more than the residents of the northeast. The snow, sleet, cold temperatures, and road salt can wreak havoc on our roads, cars and even the exterior of our homes and businesses. Is your home’s exterior looking a little worse for wear this spring? Here are some signs that this may be the year you need to paint. 

There are general guidelines that every homeowner should follow when it comes to replacing and maintaining parts of the home. We all realize that a washer and dryer, a stove, or even the roof doesn’t last a lifetime. Neither does the exterior of your home. That’s why careful regular inspections and maintenance can help protect your most valuable asset. 

Look for these signs that your home could be telling you it’s time for some attention. damaged wood home

Damaged Wood 

As the weather improves here in the northeast, it is a good idea for homeowners to get outside and do an inspection of their home’s exterior. If you find that there are soft spots on the wood siding of your home, then you may have a problem. 

After severe weather conditions such as pounding rain, hail, or even snowstorm after snowstorm, a home’s exterior may begin to fail. Wood can become vulnerable to rot and decay. 

Check around your home for chipping wood, soft spots or places where the siding looks damaged. Take care of the wood underneath and a careful coating of primer and top coat can protect your home from further damage. Left untreated and maintained wood will continue to rot and could cause water damage or structural issues for your home. peeling paint

Bubbling, Cracked, or Peeling Paint 

Another sign that your home needs some attention is any bubbling, peeling, or cracked paint. Once paint has bubbled or been compromised it can leave your home exposed to the elements and that, in turn, could lead to decay and rot. In addition to rot, these signs of damage can also lead to mold and mildew build up that could become even more problematic. caulking

Damaged Caulking 

Once you have inspected the siding of your home for the signs of paint and wood damage, take a closer look at the windows and seams of your home. Check to see if the caulking used in the corners and along edges is intact. Damaged caulking can also lead to issues with water build up, leaking, and eventually rotting wood. 

Sometimes caulking alone is the problem and homeowners can reapply the caulk and solve the problem. Often, however, the caulking is just a symptom of a larger problem of water damage and paint degradation. 

If your home’s exterior is looking worn or in need of attention call our team at Jerry Enos for a free estimate and to schedule repairs and painting for your most valued asset – your home. 


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