Signs It is Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home

May 2, 2018

Are you the type of homeowner who lives by a schedule; when to mow the grass, when to plant the garden, and when it is time to trim the shrubs? Sometimes the passage of a certain amount of time is a good indicator that a chore is due to be done. There are other times when our property gives us visible signs that a homeowner duty is coming due yet again. This is true of painting the exterior of your home. While most wood homes can go 3-7 years between paintings there are factors such as the condition of the wood, exposure to the elements, and quality of the last paint job to keep in mind. Do you see signs that it is time to paint the exterior of your home?

Here is what to look for…

  • Signs of Wear and Tear – Depending upon what side of your home gets the most direct sunlight for the largest portion of the day, wear-and-tear may occur at different rates. Look for bubbling paint that is getting ready to crack or chip away. Look for paint that may have been put on too heavily and is peeling away. Both of these are indicators that it may be close to time to have a professional scrape, prime, and repaint your home’s exterior.
  • Signs of Cracking – One of the more common places for paint to begin to degrade is around the caulking areas near windows and doors. These areas can be especially vulnerable to peeling once the cracking begins.
  • Signs of Dry Rot or Mold – Are the boards of your home’s exterior beginning to have small gaps or spaces between them? This may be an indicator of dry rot. Are the boards soft to the touch or show signs of rot around windows or overhangs? These are also indicators that it is time to repair and repaint.
  • Time Passing – When was the last time you had your home power washed, scraped, sanded, and painted? If you can’t remember and you think that the color is beginning to fade or not look as vibrant or fresh as it once did, then it may be time to call Jerry Enos Painting to schedule our services soon.

Painting the exterior of your home is not just for aesthetic purposes; it is also to protect your home’s exterior surfaces against the ravages of nature, especially in the northeast. The wood and other surfaces need regular maintenance so that your home stays in good repair. If you see any of these signs that your house may need to be painted, call Jerry Enos Painting at 978-546-6843, or visit our website to find out more.


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