Setting a Tone with Exterior Color Schemes

May 2, 2017

Big or small, traditional or modern, your home is where you return after a long day’s work to unwind or gather with family and friends. With all the amazing choices for exterior colors, deciding on a color scheme for your home’s exterior can be a challenge. Not only can the color choices go a long way to bring out the unique characteristics of your home, it can also show off your personality and set a tone for your style of curb appeal.  What kind of statement do you want your home to make with your color choices? Do you want the appearance to be classic, bold, modern, historically accurate, or maybe whimsical? Here are a few exterior color ideas based upon what you want the overall “look” of your home to be.


  • Classic – Does your home have a classic look? There is something to be said for the “tried-and-true” colors of traditional white with contrasting black shutters or neutral tones accented by contrasting trim in a lighter or darker hue. If your home is truly a classic–in that it is on the state’s historical register–consult your local Historical Society for a complete list of appropriate color palettes. Jerry Enos Painting has painted homes from new construction to centuries old homes. We know how to not only care for your older home, but how to carefully handle older wood and trim.
  • Modern or Bold  – If you are aiming for a modern look with a bold color palette or color accents that will “pop,” then you may want to explore the primary colors as accents to more neutral tones of grey or slate colors. Rich colors on the trim of the windows and doors as well as the front door can create a pleasant and modern look to any home’s exterior.
  • Whimsical – Cottage homes and homes in vacation areas can play with color more and get a little whimsical in the hues that are chosen. Using the colors in the pastel part of the color wheel can be relaxing and inviting. In addition, if you are aiming for whimsy you may want to choose several accent colors instead of the traditional complementary colors to add a bit of flair.

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