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Replace or Refurbish Your Deck?

June 7, 2017

In New England, where there are precious few weeks of warm weather to entertain outdoors, it is important to inspect your deck and patio area annually to see if it is time to replace it or refurbish it. Jerry Enos Painting offers power washing, repair and refurbishing of decking and patio areas so you can get the most out of the warm months in the northeast.

Before you fire up the grill every spring and summer season, do a thorough inspection of the decking. Are there any nails that are sticking out? Do you see any rotting wood or warped boards? Is the railing secure? How are the footers doing? Decks and patios are meant to last for a long time but only with proper maintenance. Even the strongest hardwoods can succumb to the elements if not cared for correctly. A full replacement can be expensive so check these warning signs before you make a decision between repair or replace.


  • Deck Posts – Before deciding on repairing or replacing your deck, check the base of the deck where it goes into the ground. Standing water or rotting wood around the deck post should be a sign that you may need to replace that post or repair it. Posts that show signs of rot should be replaced immediately, as they can break without warning, and could cause an injury to anyone standing on the deck.
  • Joists – Check under the deck to be sure the main joists are still in good condition and not showing signs of rot or fatigue. If these are still solid and the deck posts are fine, then most patio areas just need a facelift including a good stripping, sanding and restaining.
  • Deck Surface and Railings – Once you have looked at the posts and joists, check the general condition of the railings for any loose areas as well as issues on the surface of the deck. For many homeowners, the surface can get old or tired looking due to weather conditions but that can be resolved in a very affordable way –– power washing or stripping the wood and a quality top coat.

If your outdoor area is looking worn down, consider calling Jerry Enos Painting to discuss giving it a much needed facelift and refurbishing this spring or summer. We can have it looking like new in no time so you can go on enjoying your outdoor entertaining area.

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