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Ready for a Summer Porch Refresh? 

When I envision a three season or even a four season porch, I see homeowners rocking on rockers with their bare feet up on stools drinking ice cold sweet tea in the summer. I see comfy lounging chairs with lots of pillows, rugs that coordinate with wall colors, and copious amounts of flowering plants. Doesn’t this sound like paradise? A summer porch for lounging and relaxing! 

When you envision your spring, summer, and fall months out on your porch, what do you want it to be? Is your vision hampered by old furnishings, peeling paint, or wood that needs to be replaced? If so, now is the time to give your three or four season porch a needed facelift. summer porch

The Benefits of a 3 Season Porch 

Many New England homes have cozy back or front porches that overlook the yard and property. For years, these types of rooms were left as-is without adding heat that would make them a main part of the house. As such, these rooms have often been underutilized and not presented well. We are here to encourage you to step up your porch game and give this space the attention it deserves. 

Porches can add much needed living space to a home. Even larger homes with lots of indoor space can enjoy a nook of solitude space outdoors. A porch refresh can impact the value and curb appeal of your home, as well as showcasing your personal style. 

Tips for a Porch Refresh 

Depending upon the style, size, and features of your porch, there are lots of ways to bring your “A” game when it comes to decorating. Here are a few suggestions on how to accomplish the look you desire. 

  • If your porch is more outside than inside, consider power washing the floors, if possible. Some porches were originally built on decks so this is feasible if that is the type of porch you have. 
  • Paint the walls with a summer color that will not only brighten the surfaces but can create a warm and inviting mood. Many homeowners love the colors of nature such as greens, blues, and neutrals for their porches, where the outside meets the inside. 
  • Add new furnishings such as wicker chairs, rockers, or patio sets that can create a nice cozy seating space. 
  • Invest in an exterior rug that can add a pop of color to the floor below. 
  • String lights or invest in hanging pendants that can create a nice glow for evenings out on the porch. 
  • If your porch has a fireplace, have it professionally cleaned and start using it as a focal point of all your gatherings. 
  • Place comfy pillows and blankets for those cooler summer evenings for your guests to cuddle up and stay a while longer. 

For more ideas on how to refresh your porch, whether it is heated or meant for three seasons, check out Houzz article on decorating your porch this season. If you only have a patio, check out our blog on How To Refresh Your Patio